Monday, January 28, 2008

Kicked right in the buckets


Wow, a chance to watch two screen legends, Jack Nicholson, and Morgan Freeman, where do I sign, and how many movie lovin' testes do I need to donate. What, no testes, just a bill. Sweet.

So obviously, this film is entirely dependent on the chemistry between the two leads. And they are freaking fan-tastic. I am sorry to say the rest of this movie, is by the numbers, heart squeeze, love life, kind of sad, journey of self discovery type film. The plot is, (prepare yourself for the originality) poor man gets sick, rich man gets sick. End up in the same room together at the hospital. Decide to use rich mans money to do all things they always wanted to do before they die. Insert about a hundred, warm smile inspiring, tear jerking, scenes. Oh and what's this you mean, the poor man, he's really rich, in spirit and life, and the rich man finds out that despite all his wealth, he's really the poor one... wow what an original idea. There's even one scene, where just in case you haven't got it, they layer Jack (the rich one) fighting with a microwavable dinner, over Morgans family dinner, filled with laughter and family. Jack is alone in his mansion... and then he cries in front of two hookers.... my god... I get it... I freaking get it.... stop, ow, ow.... OW!
That would be my reaction to being beaten over the head with symbolism. Well still better than a steel symbolism boot to the nuts.
In case you're wondering, Morgan of course, can not escape any role, without narrating something. It's like, "how do we make this scene more emotional, wait I know director guy, have Morgan talk over it... yes. Perfect, haha, cry bitches, cry."
So in closing, great actors, doing their thing, a director that really didn't have to do much but hold the camera on them... and a grade PG heart rub, dotted the emotional I's, crossed the life lesson T's, screenplay. Nothing worth writing home about here. Amazing acting lost to a sea of mildly amusing.

2.5 stars out of 5 (and only for the acting. Good movie, but nothing fluff really)

-Till the next episode my screen loving batches

Sincerely, the Chuck 

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