Sunday, July 10, 2016

Captain America: Civil War - VS - Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice


Battle of the twice named superhero flicks.
Marvel Vs DC.
Capes vs slightly less capes.
However you wanna cut it since superman went one way and stan lee the other, Marvel vs DC has been a fun and awesome thing. Now with bankrolls that would make most of us cry, Warner and disney, have fueled the conflict to a whole new level.

So in the battle of 200 million dollar throw downs who won?

Ok. I am going to summarize my argument here... so that if you wanna skip all my sharp... intelligent... witty (and the list goes on) thoughts on he topic, and go right into nerd hate mode... you may. I embrace your uneducated and firmly self founded stance. Haha... jokes. I Boonsweet, heart you all.


Your breast feels firm batman... so firm. 

Now considering the crazy backlash Barman V superman (to be called BvS for the rest of this article) has had, how can I possibly make this claim? Well if you read my BvS review then you probably know where I am coming from. Captain America suffers from two major.... major flaws. One it does not take itself seriously. Oh there are people out there saying BvS was too dark and too serious... and hell I think I agree with you. But BvS took a chance, and basically incorporated storylines and plot points direct from the comic story line.

Humanities response to a god like hero... the hero as a man, trying to understand his role and his responsibility to a planet not of his own. And to anyone that says "Superman is not all broody and dark, he is suppose to be all light and fun" ... well... you of course are basing that on the cartoon series, and not on the actually comics. Did you read the arc where superman kills three super villains in an alternate universe and then abandons earth because he feels he is tainted and deserves to be alone? Ya. AN ENTIRE STORYLINE entered around a brooding superman... in the 80/90s... or how about the new comics launch... where humanity wanted him destroyed basically and he could barely motivate himself to be the hero he would come to be.

So yes DC took a risk and did not water it down for the public and instead of embracing this, the net nerds as a whole blasted them for it. We the supposed defenders of the original source material, the believers in truth, and justice, and blah blah... Yes it had its flaws (Lex *cough, Luthor)... but its still the better film.

Look. Both films look great, are well acted, the fights are fun, so really this comes down to one major problem.

Marvel doesn't have the balls.

Marvel has PG nuts. Thats the problem. In Civil War they can't help themselves but to have characters that are supposedly at opposite ends of an insanely important issue... crack jokes and dumb the violence down so its kinda fun and not really threatening. And the net nerds support it?! Im sorry have you read the CIVIL WAY COMICs ? Captain freaking america dies!! Or how about how Thor is dead so Iron Man clones his DNA and brings a drone Thor to life to rain judgement down on Cap and his pals.

None of that happened.

Or how about how villains rose up with the heroes to defend their right to secret identities... nope.... none of that happened either.

And yet. No one cares. Review after review ... Marvel proves once again how much better they are at this... and blah blah... and BvS gets blasted for "Bastardizing characters and story lines" ... what?!

So without the balls every fight essentially comes across as fun. Basically brothers fighting... which eliminates any real threat to the heroes or the children in the audience watching the movie. Well done marvel.

Now on to the second major flaw... How they handled placing spiderman in this film. Ok. 1) to have me believe a seasoned hero Tony Stark, aka the man of iron, would decide a 15 year old kid should be throw in the middle of a would be throw down to end all throw downs - only proves even he doesn't take the stakes of this fight serious. But the real problem is, they clearly didn't think about a truly organic way to get Spidey into the Marvel universe...They were just like - get HIM IN THE MOVIE.

Do you wanna watch Boonsweet fix this? Ol' Chuck here work some magic.... Cap and his pal the winter soldier aka Bucky, come from brooklyn... so while on the run they stop in brooklyn to kinda refresh their past and help Bucky with his memory issues (hell maybe even turns out Bucky has a relative still alive)... However Iron Man knew they would show there and an unfortunate fight breaks out between them... Spiderman (who operates in queens) sees the commotion and shows up trying to beg them to stop before Brooklyn gets levelled... unsuccessfully he tries to stop both sides before being taken out and Cap realizing he's just a kid which eventually leads him to realizing their fight has just destroyed blocks of his former home (whole lot closer to the comic by the way) and he then retreats with bucky in the ship that iron  man came in... which allows the ending as it was in the film.

Boom! Spiderman worked into the plot organically, and a more serious tone to what should have been a life and death struggle.

Marvel at this point is basically following this arc - Hero - hero conflicted about hero-ness - a scene or two with humour - hero must get serious again and defend his hero-ness - also regular humans are tricky! And sprinkle in other heroes ... because just like a modern hip hop album... its best to have three people on every damn track.

Le sigh. Marvel played it safe... and we rewarded them... DC took a chance and we crushed them. A,m I excited for a happier lighter hearted Justice league film... YES!! But I think BvS had to happen to get us there... had to examine what being a hero meant... and newsflash... it should be more than being able to spout one liners in the middle of a throw down.

I am not saying BvS was a perfect film... it was not... clearly... however in the battle of the comic companies, i think it was the far more involved film. I mean think about it this way, since you have seen Civil War, did you even talk about it really? Or did you think about it a week later? No it was fun, and fluffy, and you smiled, and were happy with spending you $$ to see it. But BvS you debated with friends, left a few comments on a blog to debate something... argued with a guy you barely know about some aspect of it... it affected you. For better or worse it left an impression... and that to me is proof of its superiority. It stayed with you.

As always. I appreciate the support and non support and hate and love, and everything this modern age of film grants us geeks!

Till next Booniacs!