Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I guess one for the Mayans...


Not the longest title of the year. But close.
Every once and a while I see a trailer for a film, and for some reason I just know it will be good, for me. My point; Whether it will be a good film or not I can't say for sure, I just know that I Charles Boonsweet will love it. I, too this point in time have never been wrong. It's like spider-film-sense. In this case however I can say two things: 1. My sense is still raw-kin, and 2. This is actually a damn fine film for all.

Steve "I finally left the office" Carell in my mind is a very underrated actor. To me he is another Jim Carey. A man who can make you laugh in one film, and then tug at your heart in another. And like Jimmy Cares there, he is of a rare breed, that can combine the two. It's a short list of actors with that ability. I mean it not like you can watch Sean Penn film and say to yourself, man that guy is wicked funny.

So the film is pretty straight forward. The world is ending in three weeks, what would you do? Will In Dodge's (Steve) case you try to just bury your head in the tasks you have gotten accustom to, and deal with your wife running away... literally. Then a very sad neighbour-stranger Penny (Keira Knightley) shows up on your fire escape. Then you find a letter from your first love, and you realize you need to see her again before the world ends. There is a riot, and you decide to save/take Penny with you, and a dog names sorry that was left tied to you after you tried to kill yourself with Windex.

To say this movie is delightfully off is a injustice. It is so much more. It's almost real. Watching the world descend into chaos as the realization settles in over the planet - this is it, three weeks till it all ends. Some riot, others try heroine, others sex up everyone. Others stock up, determined to survive, and some, some are just lost to the journey to find meaning, or connection in the final days.

The journey Dodge takes is amazing. I felt it. But without the energy and passion Keira Knightley brings as penny, Dodge's apathy and lost puppyness wouldn't have worked. She has been one of, if not my favorite actresses for a long time, and this is a role she again loses herself in. She is every inch the free spirited anchorless ship, that is needed to help Dodge to his goal.

And I want to say this, there is very little more I can say without ruining any of the wonderful quirkiness, thank you for creating a film (to all involved) that created, and kept it's integrity.

I loved this film.

That said, it will not be for everyone. It is a slower paced film, relying on the writing and performances to hold your attention. Carell, and Knightley hold your attention though, and they are surrounded by fantastic actors in almost every role. This to me, is a little gem in a sea of films trying to prove worth by way of surreal and quirk and heart and a laugh when your chest is tightened.

One thing though, and it's a small thing... there were two scenes in this film where I felt the music, something of a focus in the film, really didn't fit. A small point. For instance the beach scene... I don't know why, just didn't seem to backdrop the emotion of the moment. Ah, whatever, I guess it's good enough for the end of the world :P

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Dramedy scale 4 out 5 stars.

Boonsweet got a little bit of that heavy chest during this one. Hopes you enjoy!

P.S. The Mayans calendar didn't account for Caesar's additions. Technically the world ended seven months ago... Congrats. You survived the 2012 prophecy.