Thursday, January 24, 2008

A surprise hunting party, For me?! You shouldn't have


Wow, what's this, a critically hailed film, that does not suck. I know I am in shock as well. Okay, now, now, Boony here does have a big softy place, somewhere between nut A, and nut B, for the critic darling piece, but damn it sometimes, most of the time, its like they're following a how to make the press love me script. This film, I am happy to report, is just fun to watch. 
Now it is based on a true story, which is mind blowing at times, but as stated even before the opening credits, "Only the most ridiculous parts of this story are true". The plot centers around Hunt (Richard Gere), and Duckie (Terrance Howard), star reporter, and cameraman respectively, war journalists duo extraordinaire. Gere, after years of covering war has a break down on camera, leads to his firing, and Howards moving on to other things. The story is told through Duckie's (Howard) eyes, as he narrates the story. They meet up years later, Duckie a celebrated cameraman, and Hunt a washed up journalist with a plan; Find the most notorious war criminal on the UN want list and interview him.  They pick up a fresh out of journalism school kid, a network execs son, Benjamin (Jesse Eisenberg), who wants to come along for the perilous journey, to earn respect. 
All the actors are really fun to watch. And, shake your heads if you wish, I have always liked Richard Gere, and Howard has been on a roll lately, and he keeps it going. The characters are so good and fun, it almost distracts from the insanity that surrounds them, intended I'm sure. The closer they get to their goal, the more close calls, and near misses, they encounter. Strange villains, and randoms, a plenty. I mean midgets, crazed pain causing guy, UN freak job, the works. But you will like the heroes here, and Benjamin, well, he just has some of the best lines. Really comes into the roll as the movie moves along. Now there was a certain Tarantino flare to this film at times, and sometimes i liked it, and other times, I really didn't feel it fit the gritty realism of other scenes. But, dare i say it, that might be a wee bit of a nit pick. 
The ending is very satisfying, and watching the neat little "let me show you how much of the crazy shit you just saw was real" montage, from the director at the end was a nice little cap to the piece.
Cool, real story, great performances, great writing, fun filming. A lot to enjoy here. Not the greatest movie I've seen lately, but well worth the time. 

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

So says the Boonsweet bitches 

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