Monday, January 28, 2008

Kicked right in the buckets


Wow, a chance to watch two screen legends, Jack Nicholson, and Morgan Freeman, where do I sign, and how many movie lovin' testes do I need to donate. What, no testes, just a bill. Sweet.

So obviously, this film is entirely dependent on the chemistry between the two leads. And they are freaking fan-tastic. I am sorry to say the rest of this movie, is by the numbers, heart squeeze, love life, kind of sad, journey of self discovery type film. The plot is, (prepare yourself for the originality) poor man gets sick, rich man gets sick. End up in the same room together at the hospital. Decide to use rich mans money to do all things they always wanted to do before they die. Insert about a hundred, warm smile inspiring, tear jerking, scenes. Oh and what's this you mean, the poor man, he's really rich, in spirit and life, and the rich man finds out that despite all his wealth, he's really the poor one... wow what an original idea. There's even one scene, where just in case you haven't got it, they layer Jack (the rich one) fighting with a microwavable dinner, over Morgans family dinner, filled with laughter and family. Jack is alone in his mansion... and then he cries in front of two hookers.... my god... I get it... I freaking get it.... stop, ow, ow.... OW!
That would be my reaction to being beaten over the head with symbolism. Well still better than a steel symbolism boot to the nuts.
In case you're wondering, Morgan of course, can not escape any role, without narrating something. It's like, "how do we make this scene more emotional, wait I know director guy, have Morgan talk over it... yes. Perfect, haha, cry bitches, cry."
So in closing, great actors, doing their thing, a director that really didn't have to do much but hold the camera on them... and a grade PG heart rub, dotted the emotional I's, crossed the life lesson T's, screenplay. Nothing worth writing home about here. Amazing acting lost to a sea of mildly amusing.

2.5 stars out of 5 (and only for the acting. Good movie, but nothing fluff really)

-Till the next episode my screen loving batches

Sincerely, the Chuck 

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A surprise hunting party, For me?! You shouldn't have


Wow, what's this, a critically hailed film, that does not suck. I know I am in shock as well. Okay, now, now, Boony here does have a big softy place, somewhere between nut A, and nut B, for the critic darling piece, but damn it sometimes, most of the time, its like they're following a how to make the press love me script. This film, I am happy to report, is just fun to watch. 
Now it is based on a true story, which is mind blowing at times, but as stated even before the opening credits, "Only the most ridiculous parts of this story are true". The plot centers around Hunt (Richard Gere), and Duckie (Terrance Howard), star reporter, and cameraman respectively, war journalists duo extraordinaire. Gere, after years of covering war has a break down on camera, leads to his firing, and Howards moving on to other things. The story is told through Duckie's (Howard) eyes, as he narrates the story. They meet up years later, Duckie a celebrated cameraman, and Hunt a washed up journalist with a plan; Find the most notorious war criminal on the UN want list and interview him.  They pick up a fresh out of journalism school kid, a network execs son, Benjamin (Jesse Eisenberg), who wants to come along for the perilous journey, to earn respect. 
All the actors are really fun to watch. And, shake your heads if you wish, I have always liked Richard Gere, and Howard has been on a roll lately, and he keeps it going. The characters are so good and fun, it almost distracts from the insanity that surrounds them, intended I'm sure. The closer they get to their goal, the more close calls, and near misses, they encounter. Strange villains, and randoms, a plenty. I mean midgets, crazed pain causing guy, UN freak job, the works. But you will like the heroes here, and Benjamin, well, he just has some of the best lines. Really comes into the roll as the movie moves along. Now there was a certain Tarantino flare to this film at times, and sometimes i liked it, and other times, I really didn't feel it fit the gritty realism of other scenes. But, dare i say it, that might be a wee bit of a nit pick. 
The ending is very satisfying, and watching the neat little "let me show you how much of the crazy shit you just saw was real" montage, from the director at the end was a nice little cap to the piece.
Cool, real story, great performances, great writing, fun filming. A lot to enjoy here. Not the greatest movie I've seen lately, but well worth the time. 

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

So says the Boonsweet bitches 

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Four leaf cloverfield


I took a few days after my initial viewing of this flick before I wrote this review. It just took me some to fully process my feelings on it. Every critic on planet terra here, is using the terms "Godzilla meets Blair witch project" to describe this movie, and damn it, though I tried to bring you fun word flip terms, I am unable to find a better way to explain this film. 
So this is 100% hand held camera movie, now whether or not that is the same kind of hand held camera you can pick up at your local 'future shop' store (ha ha, endorsements bitches, no, wait, no ones paying me for shit... dammit) is up for some debate. So expect the following, no music, no clever panning shots, shaking camera aimed at ground running, sweaty scared talking to camera parts... etc. If you puked, or got dizzy, during the Blair Witch Project, pop some pills, or wait for video, because this is way worse. 
I loved this movie, it has been a while since we've had a big screen, North American monster flick, and if you say Godzilla was the last one, then we've been waiting a while for a good one (sorry but Ferris freakin' Buller vs. Godzilla... eat me Hollywood casting agent).  The films writing is awesome, picks up with a simple type guy filming his best friends going away party, evening goes on, some candid moments are caught on film to set up character relationships, then the whole place is hit by what appears to be an earth quake. They hit the roof to investigate, chaos ensues, buildings around them exploding. After this the film is basically the city of new york under attack by a giant monster, and our group of no names, working their way across the city to find an injured friend. 
They made this film for 25 million, apparently, how I'm not entirely sure. The scenes where you see the creature, usually passing by, or at war with army troops, are awesome, I mean they look fantastic. The way they use the camera to set up thrills, and emotional scenes is never annoying, or seemingly out of place. Much like Blair Witch, the camera seems to move as one would imagine it would, if running through a war, with a huge ass pissed Monster. The characters are very real, most, though attractive, not so much to have you going, "Tuck in the libido, and run".  The comedy when it happens, is a welcome release from the terror moments. All the acting was good, and having no names really helped draw you in. Since you couldn't just point and be like, hey Lindsay Lohan, yoos a gonna die. 
A great achievement. There are gonna be all kinds of people bitching about how you never really find out what the creature is, and such things. Its shot from one nobodies perspective. You see what he sees, and he sees no explanation on where the creature came from, and doesn't need one to know to run. Therefore you do not need one to watch them run. When the film is done, the movies done. And when it was, I was popcorned and satisfied. 
You'll jump, laugh, perhaps have mild nausea, and enjoy the couple of hours you invest.
I hope we see a few more monster flicks hitting the screen. Considering this film already doubled its production budget, I'd bet on it.

movie scale 3.5 out of five stars
monster movie scale 4.5 out of five stars

Awesome stuff, looking for something off the beaten path to satisfy your monster needs while you wait for this to hit dvd, check out "The host" a now available Asian import. Its a hella fun too.

-peace dips


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Alien vs. Predator vs. me vs. awesome


So it is no surprise that the last time they tried one of these movies, the consistent tards in Hollywood central, decided to make it pg-13. In what I can imagine was an attempt at drawing in more of the teen market. Here's the thing the pencil pushing douches failed to realize... No one under 18 gives a crap about AVP. Don't get me wrong, teen peeps will be drawn to it for sure, but the folks who were really worked up... I mean sweaty nipple worked up, are the teens that watched the movies, played the games, and all the other shizzie through the 80s, and early 90s. They also underestimated how many of us would show up.

So AVP number uno, came out, had a huge opening, and then disappeared from the radar, why? Because we all went and said,"" "man, it was okay, but how in the sweet hell to you make a film that is a union of two franchises famous for their gore and chaotic violence, and come up with a teen friendly action romp".

When they started promoting this flick they wanted to let everyone on planet earth, and planet Kwacklar (long story, can't get into it right now) know that this flick was R. The website was AVP-R, the advertising, was almost comical. But heck y'all, got my nips window cut ready.

Ya. I'm bad. 
Soooooooooooo.... this movie was awesome. I've mentioned many times that you can have a dumb movie. or a smart movie, you can't combine the two, this is the perfect example of an awesome dumb movie. 

Don't try to distract with retarded plot twists, no long explanations, just the Predator thing hates the alien things, and they're on earth. Let the head losing, limb tossing fun begin. And oh, is there violence, I think I was smiling through at least half of this movie. The Alien vs. Predator action is awesome, and continual (though sadly too dark on occasion), the humans are served up fast and furious, and drop like flies, and the one blonde chick, (insert bite on knuckle) un-freaking-real.

The plot picks up right where the first one left off, a cool plus i didn't expect. The ship crashes, and master predator heads to earth to clean up, and hunt the ultimate prey, a new alien predator hybrid. That's all you need to know really, insert a bunch of townsfolk in the middle, army guys, lots of guns, you get the idea. If you love sci-fi, any of the alien or predator flicks, action, bloodshed, cheesy goodness, you will have a fun time with this flick. The ending was a little weird, definitely pushing for another sequel, but it kinda felt like a "to be continued" at the end of a TV show, but whatever, by that point it didn't matter, I was so very satisfied.

ONE LINE REVIEW - They keep making em' I'll keep seeing em. Aw yeah. 

Movie scale - 3 out of 5 stars
Horror/sci-fi scale - 4 out of 5 stars

Thursday, January 10, 2008

One missed call? Ah it was probably tele-marketers anyway


So I like horror. I like popcorn bags jumping, I like attractive small breasted women grabbing me for support as the music builds. I Like smiling at the gore, because I am sick. And this is how I get my inner twisted smurf out.  One missed call, allowed for none of this.

First, I mean right off, I mean my ass hasn't even started to go to sleep yet, in those there crap-tack-u-ler seats. Opening scene girl sitting in front of a small pond in her back yard on phone. Notices her cat is by the pond, then looks back, cat is gone. She gets up investigates, then notices something in the water, BAM! Man hand flies up, you only see it from the elbow up, pulls her under. Then, in what can only be described as one of the funniest moments in horror history, the camera rests on the cute cat just sitting on a rock, tale flippin around, BAM! Hand flies up, snags the cat... cue title sequence. I almost laughed out loud, and I think the whole theatre was in shock. The slight good news, is that though there was cheese, it didn't get to that level again. Though maybe it should have, might have enjoyable as straight CRAP!

So, plot - something/someone/it whatever, calls your cell, its your voice and tells you how you are gonna die. Gives you the time, date, etc.

Firstly, memo to the director, "Hey douche, all the creepy critters, and makeup, and computer effects, are not scary, when they happen in extremely well lit areas, or in the middle of the afternoon. I mean, are you freaking serious". Someone needs to get this guy a horror how to book. I had to just shake my head sometimes. I swear first horror movie I've seen where kids actually sleep, and the horror happens during the day.

Do you... you you think I'm pretty?
I'm not going to get into the steak and potatoes of the plot here, all you need to know is vengeful spirit has a cell phone. I will give them credit, at least it wasn't the whole, let's explain the movie in a flash sequence at the end. It was like half way through the movie, and there they were figuring stuff out. I was like, hold up bitches, are you actually going to piece together the story during the movie... no can't be. Ha, but the story they piece together is oh so dumb. And Ed Burns runs around doing his squinty eye thing. Shit, someone needs to get this guy and Renee "I always look like I'm mad" Zellweger together, that can make squinty babies (assuming they can find each other with the lights off). My god, they'll never need sunglasses, think of the possibilities.

The end to this movie had the entire audience in "what?" state. Twice the whole theatre broke out in, "Ok, what just happen? Why is she ok? Who's the killer?" And the sister of the hoodie kid from 'flatliners' shows up to break out the poltergeist moments. Her creepy sound, are you freaking kidding me, ASTHMA!? I am sorry, I don't care how creepy the moment, if the killer needs an inhaler, I think I can make it.

Save your money, save your mind. And beat the love meat to Shannon Sassomon in something else, wardrobe, super sexy star, yes, great plan, let's dress her in baggy lose fit sweat the whole movie. Freaking brilliant. Monsters in the afternoon, sexy ladies in baggy sweats, got the A team on this flick. And by A, I mean not.

ONE LINE REVIEW - If a friend calls you about seeing this film, you know, miss it. 

0.5 out of 5 stars

Chuck you Farlie (its a fun letter switch game)


Jessica Alba is fine.
I mean, like Boonsweet would spend an evening, or two, no water, no food, no washroom breaks, tongue loving her elbow. And he would feel satisfied. I just felt before we here, get together, to make some little review babies, I would let y'all know that.

Dane Cook is a funny man. He makes me giggle down deep in the sub cockle regions of me heart, he does. But for some reason he still hasn't found that role to release his humor on screen. Actually his dramatic roles have been far superior, 'Mr. Brooks' as the evil photo type guy, even a very minor role in 'London'. But the good news is, in 'Good luck Chuck' he gets closer.

The plot is as follows, Chuck is a dentist, works in the same building as his extremely horny cosmetic surgeon friend (who gets most of the really funny lines). He finds out, or rather the female population finds out, that if you sleep with Chuck, you meet the 'one' right after. So a long line of women, 99 % who are crazy fine (I guess all the unattractive ones are taken, ha), show up and give Chuck the crazy sex in hopes of finding their true love after. Things get complicated when Chuck meets a girl he really likes, Jessica Alba the penguin trainer, then becomes terrified that if he sleeps with her he'll lose her.

No seriously, where do you want me to put the ice cream... (girlie chuckle)
Now this movie does have some very funny moments, Jessica Alba is very good, fun to watch as the accident prone trainer. And Dane Cook really is a good actor, despite the fact that the script lets him down. A lot of the funniest moments rely on the gross factor, including one scene with a grapefruit. You have been warned. 

The problem is, the movie tries to jump back and forth from high school humor fest, to movie with heart... and, well it just doesn't transition so good. One moment you're laughing at Crazy church sex girl, the next you're suppose to feel for the big African American assistant, who just wants to do Chuck to find a new man, as she's been alone for years since her husband died. And some of the lines in that exchange, just hurt to listen to.

The film wraps up, a little awkwardly, but okay I guess. Though If you're any kind of film guru like dear ol' Boony here, you'll guess how the movie's gonna end after one of Chuck and Jessica's exchanges. Nothing to write home about, but I guess enough to fill a cyber blog. You'll laugh, but you can laugh at lots of stuff, that is a lot funnier.

Oh, and there is one very dirty scene in here with a stuffed penguin. I don't know, but the next time I get out to see DANE live, I'm bringing happy feet with me Bitches....

ONE LINE REVIEW -  a couple chuckles for cook. 

- 2 out of 5 stars

Sunday, January 6, 2008

No country for old actor type guys


This is a critic's wet dream, let me tell you. The Coen Brothers (The man who wasn't there, O brother where art thou, to name some of my favs) behind the helm, a whole sea of amazing actors, some you'll know, some you won't. And with the Coen brothers not only behind the lens, but also the writing, well, you can of course expect crisp conversation. This movie is amazing. The acting is beyond awesome, and the fact that some insane scenes play out without one note of music behind, tricks you into becoming extremely involved.

This movie is paced slow, and with purpose, when the action hits, it's done with such a realism that you can't help but feel your knuckles whiten.

The story takes place in, I believe, the Texas countryside. A middle aged man comes across a drug deal gone wrong in the middle of nowhere, while hunting. There he discovers a hefty amount of coin. One of the best features of this film is the fact that all the characters are smart. You won't find yourself shaking your head, even the cops, surprise, surprise, know stuff, and can figure stuff out, it's so refreshing. The man who finds the money becomes the hunted, by the Mexicans who want their money back, and a strange, extremely evil, powerful assassin. You really want this guy to get away with his money. He's smart, and seems able to match the Assassin at every turn. More characters get involved, a man hired to hunt down the cash, and the assassin, Tommy Lee Jones as the small town sheriff.  As the movie moves along, the assassin closes in, you can feel the showdown coming... and here, avid readers, here things take a turn to shitsville.

Yes. I think you could have hair like me... just a lil' to the side...
You see i started this review, saying, this film is a critics wet dream, and it is. It's one of those hyper realistic, strange character filled, give me an Oscar by the numbers, even comes complete with an annoyingly unfinished ending, and unresolved conflicts. There is no climax. That is why so many people are gonna love it, you'll hear folks using words like, 'unexpected', and 'original'. But damn it, I was pissed, because they made my knuckles go white... then they brought all these characters in... and then it's just.... Blah, end. 

I get the whole, my god it's so realistic, the good guys don't always win. And sometimes heroes retire... blah, blah, blah. Well newsflash, you have a movie about a crazed coin flipping assassin, with a air tank gun, chasing a former Vietnam vet, who now works as a welder, who stole two million off of a bunch of dead Mexican drug dealers... It doesn't matter how real the acting is, or the feel of the movie, or any of that freakin ka-ka, we are obviously in fairy tale, make believe land. So if you build up an awesome dark vs. light confrontation, you can't just tip your Oscar luvin hat to us regular joe hero lovers, and say, screw you.

So expect awards, expect praise... but expect to step up from the couch going, well that will win something... and then find your way to the chips, because, really, you couldn't care less about this film, because every one you liked... got dead, or worse... nothing.
Damn bitches..., I was really looking forward to this one to.

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Action/drama scale 3 out of 5 stars...

ONE LINE REVIEW - A whole lot of cool, and then a whole lotta nothin'.

The acting is amazing. Expect to be drawn in, expect to get really invested, and then expect to be bummed... royally, unsatisfied. If you watch film based solely for the actors, or the direction, or the art of film... hey join the critics, you'll love this. But if you like an ending, a climax, the villain and hero to finish their business... (shoulder shrug)

Charles Boonsweet out bitches

Sawed Off

SAW IV (2007)

I have been waiting to get my sweet titty luvin mitts on this review kiddies, oh yes. This is a mental orgasm of thought, and film based rage.

I love gore, I love horror, I love unicorns (because I love horses as well as wish granting horns, makes sense I would like the two together, right? ... let us continue).

What I don't like. I have said it before, you can have a dumb movie, or a smart movie, you can't mix them it never works. And saw has been raping my sense of film love for years now. Ever since jigsaw stood up at the end of the first film, I find myself time and time again, getting sucked in, watching another Saw flick, knowing the result will be the same. But somehow each time I begin to get into it, begin to hope... No, as expected I end up bashing my head off strategically placed anger pillars of common sense.

Okay, my first issue with Saw. I don't know how many times I have had to bask in various jack-offs telling me, 'well, I like them, because the killer has a point, you know. Like he's trying to show them the meaning in their lives'. Okay Boonsweet has a question to all you saw lovers, and Booniacs out there - has Jigsaw, the almighty genius that he is, ever succeeded... even once? What Amanda, don't bring her up. She survived only to end up going psycho, hardly a success story. And what about the very first guy, he sawed his own leg off, seems he wanted to live. But Jigsaw let Amanda kill him. Hmmm... oh, and why does he do this, well in a lovely clip in Saw 2, we find out that Jigsaw survived a car wreck and realized it was his duty from God to show others the meaning in their lives. Ow, ow, ow (there's that pain in my balls/brains again). And, I mean, there are two guys I can believe would know every thing everyone will do, and where they will be, and well, everything... God, and to a lesser degree, Batman.

Honey, I think we need to return the sideburn machine.

Okay, so I love horror.... I love gore, spit that blood you dirty zombie hooker... But the thing is Saw tries to be smart. It tries to be clever, and heck, sometimes manages to achieve this. Some cool plot twists... they even try to pretend that the 30 + million they sell in tickets isn't just to see the next gruesome kills... Why, why not just off people. Forget the plot, please, please... Boonsweet will even throw in a crackers... with relatively fresh cheese.

In this here fourth entry, we get the gore, they try to further explain Jigsaw's motivations... at this point, really, who the hell cares. More tapes, all over the place, even inside stomachs. And, sweet donkey raping cherry pirates (a new level of profanity I have created), another film that instead of really explaining itself, tries to wrap up the movie with a blast of images at the end... Like, you can actually see the bastards in the room going:

'Well Rupey, that doesn't make sense'
'No, its cool Johan, we'll just do that flashy image thing'.

Then they nod, and continue to make cocaine statues in the likenesses of Lindsay Lohan (for the record, to the best of my knowledge, there are no actual writers named Johan, or Rupey, but seemed to work for the example). You also get the introduction of Jigsaws wife, part of that further explanation of his reasons. And this time around Jigsaw has his sights set on a cop. And my god, Donnie freakin Wahlberg is still going. I mean, you're telling me after fighting to live through two freaking movies, this poor bastard still ain't earned the right to live... What has he got to do? WHAT?!

The traps are as usual, awesome, though one of the early ones, I couldn't help but stare helplessly at the screen going, for the love of God Mr. Freakin Detective, stick your gun in the gears... blonde girl saved... But no he has to run around for three minutes, then shoot at the gears... "Thank you Mr. cop. It's a wonder why you and your peers haven't caught this bastard, and, what I am sure, will be an endless, and convenient supply of assistants". After all, there's more of these on the way. Maybe by the end of the series, watching Saw will result instant vegetative state. Or spontaneous head combustion... You'll have to wear an IQ protection device placed over you head...

Ha, okay I have gone too far. It's only because I care. Every time, i see the possibility, and I mean I loved the first one, loved it... until flash image ending, and the dude standing up, oh but it made sense because he had drugs in his system that allowed him to lie there like he was dead for half a day, then wake up at the exact moment he needed to...and, ah screw it, Chuck's out this bitch. Ahhhhhhhh.... Saw why do you frustrate me so....  

Movie scale 1.5 out of 5 stars
Horror Scale 2 out of 5 stars (you gore hounds will be satisfied, just drink yourself retarded so the plot doesn't leave you on the floor foaming from the mouth)

ONE LINE REVIEW - Cut this crap out already. Seriously. Enough. 

Peace out your face bitches
-Boonsweet out

Thursday, January 3, 2008

3:10 to yo man we been here before?

3:10 TO YUMA (2007)

So I was raised on westerns, why Boonsweet's own lovin Mum, done fed him quite the array of Eastwood, and John Wayne, and well who really cares about the rest. Now all westerns are measured against two films in my mind. The first, and highest held, "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly". The second, the proof that after 1980, a good western could still be made, "Tombstone".

So question is can 3:10 to Yuma stand with these, it's peers.
You won't hear me at any point stating, "the original was better, because". I'm reviewing the '07 baby, and besides, have any of you Booniacs seen the original, and therefore would you freaking care what I had to say about it... heck no.

SO this is the first big screen western in a while. And after watching it, I have to say, not sure it will inspire a trend. First, the acting in this film is amazing, Christian Bale, Russell Crowe, and a freaking buncha hey its that guy from 'Firefly', and look that dude from "well all kinds of shit", and hey that's the godfather from "Old school" in a beard... every role, even Bale's wife, played by I believe a long forgotten Gretchen Mol, are fantastic. The writing is crisp, well for a while anyway. And the directing is very smooth, with more than a few western familiars. But you're asking yourself, with all this my Lord, my leader Boonsweet, it seems you are less than thrilled.

Aye, well deduced young reader, may your self love session bring you thrice the joy it usually does.... it is true, I am sad, not happy having just finished this film.

Here's my thing, a film can either be dumb, or smart... those are your options, it never works if you try to mix the two. But time and time again writer's seem to try to get away with it. I mean think about it folks, how many times you been just loving a flick, and as it comes to a close, you feel yourself settling into, 'well, i guess it was alright'. In this film, I was drawn in, completely. The type of film where you forget you're watching a movie, and you just get screen loved right into the middle of the story. So watching the end of this film fall apart was painful.

Stare showdown NOW! Go!

So plot, bad guy gets caught, Crowe. Good down on his luck family man, Christian Bale, desperate, takes on the job of helping escorting Crowe to Justice. All the while trying to survive the impending doom of Crowe's gang, and earn the respect of his son. Who ends up tagging along, and proving he has big brass balls.

So western trials and tribulations ensue, Indian attacks, double crosses, lots of hills, and railroads, all very entertaining. And thus we arrive at the end, Bale, and what's left of the crew trying to get Crowe on the train... and for the specials in the audience, that would be the '3:10 to yuma'.

First how many times does a bad guy have to end up having a soul.... shit, spoiler. But really, what is it, why can't the bad guy just be bad? In this film, it DOES NOT WORK. Crowe is a big time, kill a man by digging out his throat with handcuffs, type of dude, him going all grey area on the moral express is kinda like Hannibal Lector deciding to pick up a Martha Stewart cook book.

Also, aside from my issues with the villain, two very stupid things happen; at the end Bale's son helps him by standing mere feet from all of Crowe's gang, firing his gun in the air to stir up cattle. "Um, hey bad guys, maybe someone should shoot that kid that's, you know, right there, shooting, and waving his gun in the air". And then after, and i am very much trying to not give the ending away, because hey, if you have have the respect I have for Bale, you might chance it anyway, but basically big climax, the bad guy with a soul thing. Um, but for a slight problem with our hero Bale... yeah a slight problem. And then at the end there's like some, don't worry kiddies, he'll be free in no time in  regards to Crowe, only do I really know if i want him free... no, ... I mean come on. You can't go from sad dad son moment, to happy sunset trails.... Oh yeah, and I like my westerns with at least one damn draw showdown moment...

movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars
western scale 2.5 out of 5 stars

ONE LINE REVIEW - Russelled up some mediocre western. 

Boonsweets off to polish his six shooter....