Thursday, May 8, 2014

Itsy Bitsy Spider 2


Ok. Spiderman. One of those kinda surprises in the superhero world. I mean, really, if you break down popularity, it goes Batman, Superman, Spiderman (and ok there are allowances there for periods of comic sales that included Spawn being number 1 for a bit). How crazy is that? A simple story of a teenager, bitten by a radioactive spider... became a world wide phenomena. And really, you can say Batman is the most popular now... but he's also had 3-4 face lifts (Frank Miller anyone?). Spiderman has always simply been, a teenager nerd who got spider powers.

But man does he work on the big screen. In fact you can kind of thank him for the superhero boom! And I'm always rooting for him any way as he is one of the few Marvel Characters Disney has not gotten hold of  (fight the man Sony... wait, Kind the man fight the man? Whatevs).

So you're story in this here part two of the new trilogy (or quadrilogy, moral is a bunch more coming), Spiderman is becoming rather super hero ish. In fact there really isn't much to complain about, except his overwhelming guilt about promising his GF's father he would leave her alone... But then she is Gwen Stacy (and Emma Stone is really hot), so he had to break his promise. Jaime Fox is your big bad guy. A super social freak with a spiderman crush that gets attacked by mutant electrical eels and becomes pure electricity - Can I just  take a moment to say how awesome it is that you can say things like that and people don't even bat an eyelash. what's that, mutant eels you say, seems reasonable... here's to the comic scene hitting the big time... moving on - And you know what they say 'absolute power corrupts absolutely'.

Seriously, this guy was in "Ray"?
There is also a ton of set up for the next film. Bad guys with cameos, all that. But really this is about the Peter Parker, and Gwen Stacy relationship... with a shiny electric dude thrown in.

SO I have heard the bitching about how this is really a bridge film... setting up the next film, blah blah. Well, dur. What were you expecting? I mean has any film just ended since the matrix 2 decided to basically end in the middle of nowhere? No every film throws a twist, a last scene, an OMG moment. I mean I just saw Cap 2 and loved it, but really, they left a bunch of things wide open... but I guess that's okay because we all know the Avengers 2 is on the way. Double standards people. Like this damn useless NBA refs... if you call it one way you gotta call it the other way...

Sorry, playoffs folks... prepare for a frustrating amount of sports analogies...

The good: Fun, witty, dialogue. The relationship between Peter and Gwen is as it should be - cute and awesome. Some unbelievable fights, and great 3D. Some of the shots of him flying throw the city were just well, Ah-mazing. The first strides towards some future villains, Green Goblin, Rhino, Doc Octopus. Cool

Sometimes, it's just easier to bring your own cops. 

The Bad: The green goblin did not need to be in this film. Not even a little bit. And how quickly they throw him in at the end he seems so out of place... kinda like how Two face showed up after the Joker finale in the Dark Knight . Seriously bro, just wait for the next film. The back story with Peter's Parents is cool... but what exactly is it for? Is it part of the plot? Because they kinda say hey, they are connected to everything, and then ignore the fact that they are connected to everything. Well, after Peter has his warm fuzzy moment. Lastly, as this is a film that at some points seems horribly put together you will ask things like - How did electro get those boxers? And, Where did electro get that awesome suit... and well, screw its a comic book movie...

Damn all you legitimate critics out there making me think and shit.

Yes I know there was more bad than good, but, quality over quantity here.

This is a fun movie, and pretty to watch, and spiderman is the most accessible hero in any medium. He's a kid with powers, and often in way over his head, and we love to watch him fight through. I'm not gunna take time to talk about the supporting cast outside the main duo. They're good but like I said, this film feels rushed... but the cast is good enough to maximize their screen time.

Movie scale: 3.5 out 5 stars
Hero movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I will say this once... Mary Jane... You bastards better give me the MJ my teenage self has been crushing on since grade 4. Seriously, no hate on that Divergent chick... but really? She aint no MJ.