Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chop the furry, fuzzy creatures...


Kung fu is awesome, pandas are awesome, Jack Black is occasionally awesome... Well what could go wrong... Nothing! :)
I grew up on the classic Kung Fu. I'm talking, one armed, badly dubbed, sword swinging, master of the flying saw thingy, 20 minute showdown rocking, classics. And the spirit of those in no small portion is alive and well in the 2000 and 8 animated release, who would have guessed. I had this film being built up in my mind since the first teaser trailer, so I was worried that their was no way it could live up, and yet, it sure freaking did.
So big fat Panda dreams of being a ninja master, alongside the legendary Furious Five. Insert big screw up, and an old kung fu turtle picks him as the dragon warrior. At the same time big bad ass tiger guy breaks out from prison (in an insanely awesome sequence of axes and pretty shiny things). So despite the negative energy he receives from the "Five" and their master, he must train to become awesome so that he may defeat the impending evil. Only problem, he sucks at Kung Fu... well until the teacher discovers a secret training to get to him... 
Okay so not the most original story, I know. We've all seen the loser to kung fu hero story a few hundred times... well assuming you watched classic kung fu, if not, you've seen it like 14 times. At no time, did I feel like any part of this story was treading familiar water. That is due to the genius structure of every aspect of this flick. The voice acting is great (Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Jackie Chan, etc, etc), the writing is never tacky, all the jokes are part of the plot (no random things thrown in, like say in "Shrek"), the fights, my god the fights are just fantastic. All kinds of little references thrown in for the old skool buffs like me, and I loved it. Definitely my favorite flick of the year so far, I know, I know, crazy, but its so damn enjoyable. Did I mention there's a giant panda and he kicks things... and oh sweet Mary... Skee-douche... so sweet

Movie scale 4 out of 5 stars
Animated scale 4.5 out of 5 stars

Get furry and grab some bamboo bitches, 
Boony is out this hoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Johnny Five lives ... he livessssssssss!!!!!!!

WALL-E (2008)

Let's face it, Pixar rocks, single handedly holding Disney's "direct to dvd classic sequel destroying" head above water. Really, have they gone wrong? I remember when I first saw the trailer for Cars, I'm sitting there going, "Okay, talking cars, really, I mean knight rider is over bitches"... and yet, damned if it didn't make me smile. 
So the next entry, and apparently one of the old ideas that has been bouncing around Pixar since the time before time, a sweet little tale of a lovable robot, WALL-E. So, earth has been abandoned due to pollution, and one giant fast food remains mess. When we humans left, WALL-E units were to remain and clean the planet up. Now only one is left, having developed the ability to maintain himself, befriend cock roaches, and an all around adorable cuteness. All is going well, he cleans, collects knick knacks (look out for one warm fuzzy chuckle involving a "spork", no joke), and basks in old Hollywood classics. Then a giant spaceship, sent for the human colony arrives, and a cute female robot pops out in search of, well, humanities lost hope.
From there WALL-E forms a friendship with her, but then when she finds what she is looking for, her ship returns, and WALL-E not wanting to leave her, goes along for the ride, and his destiny to save the human race... Well something like that.
The heart in this movie is unbelievable, really, there were a few moments a was a little choked up. WALL-E is just so damn, well, awesomelike (considering he was based on binoculars, pretty impressive, though for the record, he does look like the love child of E.T. and short circuit's Johnny 5, so I dunno...). The story is not light at all. The boys behind Pixar, take a whole lot of joy in sliding some very heavy messages in this film about our future, our excesses, and our growing dependence on corporations (we are giant fat blobs in floaty cars that do nothing but eat and, well, float). I heard some concerns about the fact that there is little to no talking in the first 20-30 minutes of this flick, no worries, it held my attention, and I can't imagine any kid not getting it. More than enough pretty lights, and basic humor moments. So bring the whole family. The direction is great, story is one of Pixar's best (My personal fav is still "The Incredibles", or "Finding Nemo"). The computer animation is just stunning at moments... They're talking best picture nomination, why not... It rocks... I say do it.

This is the family ticket folks, prepare to be mutha freakin enchanted...

Movie scale 4 out of 5 stars
Animation scale 4.5 out of 5 stars