Sunday, January 6, 2008

No country for old actor type guys


This is a critic's wet dream, let me tell you. The Coen Brothers (The man who wasn't there, O brother where art thou, to name some of my favs) behind the helm, a whole sea of amazing actors, some you'll know, some you won't. And with the Coen brothers not only behind the lens, but also the writing, well, you can of course expect crisp conversation. This movie is amazing. The acting is beyond awesome, and the fact that some insane scenes play out without one note of music behind, tricks you into becoming extremely involved.

This movie is paced slow, and with purpose, when the action hits, it's done with such a realism that you can't help but feel your knuckles whiten.

The story takes place in, I believe, the Texas countryside. A middle aged man comes across a drug deal gone wrong in the middle of nowhere, while hunting. There he discovers a hefty amount of coin. One of the best features of this film is the fact that all the characters are smart. You won't find yourself shaking your head, even the cops, surprise, surprise, know stuff, and can figure stuff out, it's so refreshing. The man who finds the money becomes the hunted, by the Mexicans who want their money back, and a strange, extremely evil, powerful assassin. You really want this guy to get away with his money. He's smart, and seems able to match the Assassin at every turn. More characters get involved, a man hired to hunt down the cash, and the assassin, Tommy Lee Jones as the small town sheriff.  As the movie moves along, the assassin closes in, you can feel the showdown coming... and here, avid readers, here things take a turn to shitsville.

Yes. I think you could have hair like me... just a lil' to the side...
You see i started this review, saying, this film is a critics wet dream, and it is. It's one of those hyper realistic, strange character filled, give me an Oscar by the numbers, even comes complete with an annoyingly unfinished ending, and unresolved conflicts. There is no climax. That is why so many people are gonna love it, you'll hear folks using words like, 'unexpected', and 'original'. But damn it, I was pissed, because they made my knuckles go white... then they brought all these characters in... and then it's just.... Blah, end. 

I get the whole, my god it's so realistic, the good guys don't always win. And sometimes heroes retire... blah, blah, blah. Well newsflash, you have a movie about a crazed coin flipping assassin, with a air tank gun, chasing a former Vietnam vet, who now works as a welder, who stole two million off of a bunch of dead Mexican drug dealers... It doesn't matter how real the acting is, or the feel of the movie, or any of that freakin ka-ka, we are obviously in fairy tale, make believe land. So if you build up an awesome dark vs. light confrontation, you can't just tip your Oscar luvin hat to us regular joe hero lovers, and say, screw you.

So expect awards, expect praise... but expect to step up from the couch going, well that will win something... and then find your way to the chips, because, really, you couldn't care less about this film, because every one you liked... got dead, or worse... nothing.
Damn bitches..., I was really looking forward to this one to.

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Action/drama scale 3 out of 5 stars...

ONE LINE REVIEW - A whole lot of cool, and then a whole lotta nothin'.

The acting is amazing. Expect to be drawn in, expect to get really invested, and then expect to be bummed... royally, unsatisfied. If you watch film based solely for the actors, or the direction, or the art of film... hey join the critics, you'll love this. But if you like an ending, a climax, the villain and hero to finish their business... (shoulder shrug)

Charles Boonsweet out bitches

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