Thursday, February 14, 2008

A chip-munk off the ol' block


Little did I know I had a big soft spot for three- to four inch computer animated chipmunks, but hey I guess I do. So, if you are 20 plus I am sure you have crossed paths with the legendary chipmunks. Having been around for 50 freaking years, they've hit just about every demographic. From Christmas specials, to a TV series, countless albums, they are true media legends. But with the steady stream of remakes, and re -remakes, gotta say I was a wee bit worried when I heard that Alvin and his two 'munk companions would be brought to the big screen in computer animated/live action style. Then I heard Jason Lee (of My name is earl, and a ton of Kevin Smith flicks) was going to be playing their human friend, and I was a little less worried. 
So the plot, if it even really matters, is a by the numbers tale of three chipmunks, who when discovered by "Dave", become pop chart sensations. Of course their is an evil record producer looking to get them for themselves, and a side story involving Dave's ex girlfriend, and his issues with commitment, that of course, ties in to him and the chipmunks becoming a "Family". I don't think I really need to dive any further into the nut-meat of the flick. I'm sure as reasonably intelligent movie goers, you can piece it together from there. 
But despite the unoriginal ness, I had a good time here. I think on some level it does manage to rekindle some childhood type piece of your soul, and that over powers your brain, thank fully :)
Jason Lee is fun, and obviously acting badly to fit the role... at least I hope so. And the chipmunks are just a blast to watch, and the computer effects behind them are flawless, as are the voices. There are some real funny moments, and some great music. Also my fellow woodland creatures, don't be afraid to bring the whole troupe, nothing here to offend anyone. The whole family will love. 
So in closing, shut off the brain, open the kiddie heart, and grab some chocolate and popcorn... and maybe a couple of the neighbors kids if you have none of your own, and they won't be weirded out by it.

movie scale- 2.5 out of 5 stars
family scale - 3.5 out of 5 stars
(oh on a last note during the ending credits there is a cool montage to all the chipmunk albums over the years, kinda cool actually)

till the next nut wranglin episode fools...
Boonsweet out

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