Thursday, January 10, 2008

Chuck you Farlie (its a fun letter switch game)


Jessica Alba is fine.
I mean, like Boonsweet would spend an evening, or two, no water, no food, no washroom breaks, tongue loving her elbow. And he would feel satisfied. I just felt before we here, get together, to make some little review babies, I would let y'all know that.

Dane Cook is a funny man. He makes me giggle down deep in the sub cockle regions of me heart, he does. But for some reason he still hasn't found that role to release his humor on screen. Actually his dramatic roles have been far superior, 'Mr. Brooks' as the evil photo type guy, even a very minor role in 'London'. But the good news is, in 'Good luck Chuck' he gets closer.

The plot is as follows, Chuck is a dentist, works in the same building as his extremely horny cosmetic surgeon friend (who gets most of the really funny lines). He finds out, or rather the female population finds out, that if you sleep with Chuck, you meet the 'one' right after. So a long line of women, 99 % who are crazy fine (I guess all the unattractive ones are taken, ha), show up and give Chuck the crazy sex in hopes of finding their true love after. Things get complicated when Chuck meets a girl he really likes, Jessica Alba the penguin trainer, then becomes terrified that if he sleeps with her he'll lose her.

No seriously, where do you want me to put the ice cream... (girlie chuckle)
Now this movie does have some very funny moments, Jessica Alba is very good, fun to watch as the accident prone trainer. And Dane Cook really is a good actor, despite the fact that the script lets him down. A lot of the funniest moments rely on the gross factor, including one scene with a grapefruit. You have been warned. 

The problem is, the movie tries to jump back and forth from high school humor fest, to movie with heart... and, well it just doesn't transition so good. One moment you're laughing at Crazy church sex girl, the next you're suppose to feel for the big African American assistant, who just wants to do Chuck to find a new man, as she's been alone for years since her husband died. And some of the lines in that exchange, just hurt to listen to.

The film wraps up, a little awkwardly, but okay I guess. Though If you're any kind of film guru like dear ol' Boony here, you'll guess how the movie's gonna end after one of Chuck and Jessica's exchanges. Nothing to write home about, but I guess enough to fill a cyber blog. You'll laugh, but you can laugh at lots of stuff, that is a lot funnier.

Oh, and there is one very dirty scene in here with a stuffed penguin. I don't know, but the next time I get out to see DANE live, I'm bringing happy feet with me Bitches....

ONE LINE REVIEW -  a couple chuckles for cook. 

- 2 out of 5 stars

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