Wednesday, November 9, 2016

The Accountant (2016)


Well. I wanna be honest. I did not have high expectations for this film... in fact if you watched the trailers you probably though - as I did - well Ben Affleck here is just pulling a Matt Damon and getting his Bourne on. But, low and behold, we have ourselves a genuine unexpected action treasure here.

Ok. Your plot dear Booniacs... A boy grows up with a high functioning autism and through the efforts of his determined military Father, developed the skills that eventually lead him to a career as a very high end accountant to the criminal element. Also, a pretty formidable opponent should you choose to cross him. Anyway, enter a new client, and then they make the mistake of trying to kill him, and a cute female employee (the always somehow alluring Anna Kendrick) and he of course decided to prevent that.

Seriously... unimpressed with - them apples. 

Yes. I know what you are thinking, Ok Chuck, Charles, Mr. Boonsweet, yes the autism angle might be a little newish, but the rest... Nah thats by the book stuff. And you know what you right, you right internet world. However, really, are their any ideas left? I submit no. And if you find one, you are probably sitting in a theatre in france, trying to mentally process the 4 hour art project examining love in the 5th dimension of time...

Really, its about how well you do a known story these days. Its taking your expectations and still managing to make you laugh, or cheer, or invest. And this Accountant delivers.

So first, to anyone that wants to poop on this film for how they handle autism, and blah blah... because I'm sure there will be some... shame on you. This is a film that really highlights some of the struggles, but more so (whether hollywooded or not) what they are still capable of despite in some cases severe behavioural issues.

How to properly select your "Start the day" emoji. 
Thats out o the way, lets just talk how fun this movie is. The acting is top notch... if you are as of yet still not a Affleck fan, well, this probably won't change your mind... but he nails it here... the cardboard awkwardness... the cold calculating killer when he needs to be... the absence of processable emotion... the action is a blast. This is kinda like the thinking man's JOHN WICK if you will. More plot, a little more heart, and slightly less bullets to the head... though that last one is debatable.

The director, who admittedly I only really know from Warrior (A very good film) does a great job of calmly capturing the action with a certain lack of emotion I am sure was meant to capture the essence of the main character, as well as the muted colours (ya I'm going scenery deep in this people), really bring the presentation and the protagonist together.

Overall this will rank as one of my very pleasant 2016 surprises.

And the way the year is going, no doubt one of the best action films as well...

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Action scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

Till next Booniacs.