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I scream, you scream, we all scream 4

SCREAM 4 (2011)

Okay. First I apologize for that title. If children are crying in the distance, please be assured it is due to a lack of world peace and not my cheesy blog titles... Probably.
Second, Boonsweet is back bitches... I mean women of deep value and male followers of importance.

Wes Craven is da man. Yes some of his efforts suck. Yes "My soul to take" scared me with suck in the third dimension, however as far as straight contributions to the horror genre go, is there a greater? Before you say "Oooooo M G" Boony what about Romero. Or Alfred Mc H, or well, its a long list (if you don't know who that clever pet name is for, just stop... stop now, and slap yourself seven times, downward, across your upper lip). Let us review. Super young Wessy Cravenoff makes the original "Last house on the left" from what was a porn script. Bam! Horror icon. "The hills have eyes" Bam, Horror icon. Freddy. Freddy freakin Krueger. I mean that alone solidifies him for life. Despite failings.

So a few years ago, over a decade in fact the horror genre was bombing. The slasher genre was all but gone the way of the Doo Doo bird (if that is incorrect spelling screw you its 4am, I'm too lazy to google that shizzie). Then he and a young writer Keven Williamson decided to turn the slasher genre on itself. Find strength in embracing, and in some cases, mocking, the inherent flaws in the Slasher. The result SCREAM. The result thereafter the rebirth of a film industry. Think I'm exaggerating? Nope. Look at what was out. Nothing. Shortly after, and no I am not saying they are great, but the downpour of horror after breathed life into a genre that had been flatlining. And in a way, pathed the way for it to still be here.

Now I have a soft spot for the series as it was the first R rated film ol' Boony here ever saw (snuck in underage as a bonus to my personal mythology :P )

Still I had already been a fan of the Jasons, Freddys and Michaels for years. And this film knocked my socks off. Funny hip, scary, bloody, and sexy ladies. The sequels were not as good, but still, far better than others. More than holding my interest. So after ten years, they finally brought it back. Director, writer, and stars intact (a feat in itself) and boy did they do it again.

The humor is back. The jump moments are back. The sexy is back. And if I do say so myself perhaps one of the best openings in horror history. In three minutes giving you more WTF, and teen chick idol deaths than most films will in a full 97 minutes. With charm, clever, and fun. FUN that is what is missing from most mainstream horror these days. The giggle between the gasp. The smile after a gutting. No I'm sick, ok, much, but damn its refreshing. Wes steps right back into the director chair with his old smooth at the helm. Classic film angles. Drawn out shots.

The whole gang holds this film down. The cast knows it's a new story, but they don't let the bonds you've built over the years be forgotten. Did I mention they actually got me in this movie? Twice, once with what might be the best closing line a black guy has ever gotten in a horror movie, or cop for that matter. And second, a killer I did not, I mean did not see coming. It was so clever I smile.

Horror fans, if you have written off the Scream franchise, it may be time to revisit. I believe fully that the original trilogy stands on its own as one of the most underrated, and at the same time loved, set of slasher flicks. Watching this, the fourth, ten years later, I was surprised to find myself feeling again like that kid. Scared he would get kicked out any moment, shoving popcorn in as the body count rises. I screamed (in my head with a voice that will never be revealed) and laughed, and had a few tender to myself moments.... hahaha okay. No. But still...

A more than worthy addition to Wes's library as it is to mine...
and Hayden P is just so damn pretty. Should that count I don't know. The steadfast honest reviewer says no... But the man-ness... the blood of my loins says... oui oui! (that's right, multi-lingual lol)

Enjoy. Its Fun. It's bloody. Did I mention all practical makeup? Bonus points.

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Horror scale 4 out of 5 stars ... Maybe a little high. But as a mainstream slasher, and really, the last one standing. It deserves my genre love. Yes if you hated the clever cool of the others, admittedly, not for you. But if you like a little Pop-culture-wink-wink- in your blood n bits cereal... dig it sucka.

- Chuck B Boonsweet out!

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