Monday, February 27, 2012

Shut the front door!


Denzel Washington is the man. And when he's whompin ["whompin" A street term meaning to beat up, or physically damage, another] folks he's even more man... like. Ryan Reynolds is an actor I have slowly come to very much enjoy and respect (NINES, BURIED, BLADE 3 :P), so but them in a movie. A well written movie at that, and let them have car chases and lots of conspiracy bad dudes to whomp. All will end well... right...?
No it will not.
Story is as such. Denzel is a former CIA badass, the badassiest of them all. He went bad. And now he's the most wanted. New CIA guy (RR) is posted at a SAFE HOUSE that never has any action at all. His days are passed in boredom. Then all of a sudden Denzel gets captured and they bring him to the SAFE HOUSE to store him until transport can be arranged. Denzel, the cagey vet that has written the book of CIA tactics, and Ryan is the new kid just looking for his first bit of action.
Okay so movie is well written. Movie is well acted. Plot, though not wholly original, is pretty good. Those damn gun shots made me jump lol.... sooooo....
OMG did the directing such. How do you take all that killer potential and F it up...? U hire a complete douchebag obsessed with shaky cameras. Isn't this crap over yet. Aren't we as a movie going public done with watching the damn camera jump all over the place... all the time. And then combine that with say seven to eight cuts every few seconds... ahhhhhhhhhh
Good. Imagine a sweet fight. I mean a mano a mano throwdown while the cameras jumps left, right up, spins, down, flips, up.... reeeeediculous. You know it works for a war movie, something that demands chaos. A filming style to match it. Not when two men are grappling in a kitchen.


So let me sum this up.
Cool flick.
Manly dudes.
One really cool car fight.
Gun shots make you jump. Twice.
Denzel is the man.
And this director needs to invest in a tripod. Several.
in closing....

Movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars
action movie scale 3 out of five stars

- Chuck BB

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