Thursday, February 16, 2012

Rock 'em Sock 'em


First I need to start by saying that long ago there was a game. The game was thus: A ring, two robots, two controllers, two kids grab the controls and jam buttons, robots punch each other in the face until a head pops up, and then bam! Game over.
I refuse to Wiki whether or not this film is based on the Game "ROCK EM SOCK EM ROBOTS" however if it is not. Rockemsockem man, wherever you are, you neeeeeeeedz 2 call somebody. And get ya punk self paid! That is all.

And den...
Ok so this is a straight forward popcorn hoarding, nachos crunching, heart messaging blockbuster. Hugh "Damn I'm a pretty man, and so cool, I know it's not fair" Jackman is a down on his luck "robot boxer" in the near future. A future that apparently is exactly the same as ours except human boxers have been replaced by machines. Everything else... The same.... except for... Boxers.
Cars the same. Buildings the same. People the same. Fashion the same. Except... Robot boxers...
Ok. Kool. Whatever. I ain't the future specialist.
So down on his luck robot boxer man finds out he has a son, in a con to get more money to put towards his bot fighting, he ends up with his son for the summer, who he really doesn't want. But its worth the money.
Ok yes, the son helps him turn his luck around, and yes, they bond on the road to enlightenment, and yes, the Father realizes he has been missing something he never knew he'd lost...
Did I mention there is also a giant evil robot made by an Asian guy that is unbeatable, and they find a small old school bot at the bot dump that turns out to be one tough hombre, and together they....
Enuff. No it is not the most original. Or even the 22nd most original flick. But sometimes, that doesn't matter. Avatar used a standard SCI-FI plot, redressed it in amazing visuals and made 2 billion dollars. Every once in a while a good ol' fashioned family friendly cheer fest is just.... needed. Demanded! lol
It is not original, true, but it is the first in a long while to pump me up like this. The acting, writing, is so dam spot on for a "cheer for the underdog" flick I couldn't help it. I remember the first time I watched Rocky. I was 12, and I was standing up from my couch by the end. Is this ROCKY? No. But its a fine mix of the spirit of the classic, with a few hundred million of Spielberg's money. This movie is so dang pretty. The robots loooook fantastic. The sound too. I don't know that I am always fully aware of the effect sound has on me during a moving. Sitting there, my stereo cranked, bobbing and weaving with each metal crunching impact... Impressive work.
This is the film for you and the small robot loving boy in you, and some emotional comas delivered by HJ for the ladies beside you. I dare saw you might even catch yourself with a small fist pump... :)
A great time for the whole family. And for anyone looking to really enjoy a great visual, and stereo treat. Also... GIANT ROBOTS FIGHTING!
If you can't gather my thoughts let me summarize...
Its been done, but I had a lot of fun.

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Action/drama scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

So pumped. Gunna go kick my toasters... um... darkness setting... :P

Chuck B. Boonsweet out.

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