Friday, February 17, 2012

February for christmas? Yup.


Ok. I have to question the logic in releasing a stoner Christmas movie in February, let alone the week before V-day. Hahaha oh Hollywood and your wacky decisions ... Sure let's keep letting M. Night Shalallamamallaman whatever keep making movies ahhhhhh...
Harold is a prissy business Asian, and Kumar is his helplessly irreverent stoner peer of influence. In this their third adventure, they have been separated by time, and Harold's maturity, and Kumar has traded any ambitions in for a life of weed, and well... weed. The holidays come 'round, and Harold is ready to try hard to impress his wife's father (Machete himself Danny Trejo). So, a magical box appears on Kumar's step addressed to Harold. He decided to bring it to him... it contains a giant joint... Hijinx ensue.
If any of the following offends you... well you probably should not have decided to watch a H & K movie.
1) Children on drugs. Many drugs.
2) Santa being horrible injured
3) Waffles
4) Racism

and the list goes on.
Now here's the reasons you should watch this movie.

1) NPH . The man. The myth. The legend. Neil Patrick Harris.
2) For some reason, Harold and Kumar are just so damn likable.
3) NPH making fun of all that is his Gayness. Best part of movie lol
4) Claymation sequence. It rocks.
5) Children on drugs.

For some reason over the years I have found myself growing quite found of their exploits and the Christmas special is no exception. Though, honestly, I feel (though I do not encourage substance abuse of any kind lol) sobriety is far from recommended to properly enjoy this film. NPH is again just talent whenever he pops up. And taking on his "fake" gay cover. Too funny. The film has many flaws. This is a H & K flick and so really, should you be thinking about the plot? No. Remember when they rode a cheetah in the first one? Or found a one eyed child of incest in the 2nd? hahaha brain no required. Just warm, holiday, drug riddled joy. Finally the stoners of the world have a Christmas movie to call their own.
The supporting characters are all good, however, other than NPH, who cares. You sign up to watch the two lovable leads go through hell on Christmas eve.

Did I mention Santa gets shot in the face. With a shotgun. Classic.
Defs not the funniest movie out there, or the best. But a few laughs for the average audience and more than a few for fans of the series.

Movie scale 2.5 out of 5
Comedy scale 3 out of five stars

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