Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Sunshine (on a rainy day)


Once again, I bring your insight into what is running through my entertainment loving mind. Today I give you, dear Booniacs, the order to watch "Sunshine". To be released on a very consumer friendly Jan 1st. So your ass is hungover, more than likely waking up next to someone that seemed kool approximately 5 and 3/4 hours ago, and now you are thinking about chewing your own arm off for but one taste of freedom. Ah hell, new years eve partying is fun, point is whether you're gonna do the whole whisper hey thing (you know you keep saying hey till they respond then make up some lie for why you have to leave that second), or your just gonna slowly try to roll off the bed... whatever your technique, once free, and fed... and afternoon napped, you'll be wanting some entertainment, well I have your entertainment bitches... the aforementioned, "Sunshine", directed by Danny Boyle.

Okay so this movie was basically released nowhere, perhaps you were lucky enough to come across it in some big ass metropolis that has theaters that show those "only in select cities" flicks, the rest of us got DE-right to the nuts-NIED. I saw the preview for this flick eons before it hit the big screen, and let me tell you kiddies, Charles Bartholomew Boonsweet was all ways of excited. And then nothing, vanished from the theaters, and no DVD release date in sight.

4k Be damned! 

But finally after months, I found a copy in cyberspace, and checked it out....
I was blown the heck away. Now Blurayness... Ohhhhh yeah.

Before i start let me say my expectations were high... same director, writer, music director, and star, that made "28 days later" (a severely kick ass flick), so the idea that those expectations could be met, and exceeded was Britney Spears crazy. But oh did they.

The plot goes - our sun is in the process of dying, the world is in a forever winter, soon be the frozen death. So a group of scientists are launched to re-ignite the sun. Needless to say, problems occur.

First as expected the music propels every scene, and the sets and shots do not let the score down. There are more than a few moments when you will feel your pupils widen. I don't think I will be giving anything away when I say that things go wrong, so very, and the mission becomes more and more dire. But the ways that this happens, and how it slowly builds until you're traveling at break neck speed emotionally and haven't even realized it.  This is a movie of two parts, the first a real emotional developing tale of heroes, the last chance for humanity, and their struggles to complete the mission. The other half, is a jump filled, nail bitter... Ya. It almost goes horror on you here near the end.

This is just to show you some pretty... Oh its pretty. 

There are moments of predictable sacrifice, but man, I really cared for the people by the time it happen. Tears? No. Warmth in the chest, yes. Boonsweet's got a soft spot for heroics. And as the ending approached i was scared, the kind of scared i always have when a movie I have really enjoyed is nearing the end, and I'm just, please don't you screw me, don't you stupid ending screw me... No not Mr. Boyle, as with trainspotting, and 28 days later, god the ending fits. And I got off my couch, so freaking happy, and satisfied. 

I can not wait to watch this movie in High Def, or blu ray, on a big ass TV, God its pretty.

Movie scale 4 out of 5 stars
SciFi movie scale 4.5 out of 5 stars

ONE LINE REVIEW - I've got Sunshine on a rainy day (rainy day in this instance meaning all the crappy space flicks)

Sunshine, find it, watch it, you will not be disappointed... well so says Boonsweet.

Chuck Boonsweet

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