Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I am Legend... well you're at least a good campfire tale

I AM LEGEND (2007)

Okay so I not going to compare this film to the original material behind it. Boonsweet don't roll that way. A movie is a movie, it is either good or ka-ka, how closely it follows the book is hardly the only thing that makes it worthy. And I for one am sick of hearing about, "Oh my god Sherry, it good, you know, but they just left so much out that was in the book. Like there was this whole scene..." Blah blah blah, newsflash imaginary person Sherry, I don't give a shit about the paperback, I just paid 10+ dineros to be entertained... and was I?

The answer is yes. This movie is good. Not great but good. Gonna start with the core and move outward, Will Smith can act. This should come as no shock to most by now, but every once and a while it does seem to surprise me for some reason, maybe its the years of Fresh Prince, maybe it's how burger king flame-broiled my brain. I dunno, either way, he is good in this flick. And he has to be since it is the will smith solo show in this flick. A quick side, the Will Smith show, is not as emotionally satisfying as the Tom Hanks show (castaway), but then very different movies. Still, deserved to be mentioned.

So, due to that face, we assume the monster to the left is femail...

Your Plot: Monster type things now rule the planet in a post apocalyptic big city. Will Smith and his dog try to survive, while desperately trying to find another living person.

There are moments that will make you be moved, some, predictable as anything holly wood has uber-cloned in recent memory. Others genuinely surprising. The directing is very good, moving from slow emotional scenes to large scale new york trashed backdrops, and back for Zombie/vampire/human type creature violence action sequences. It all flows very smoothly. And you do find yourself drawn into the slow nature of the movie. The writing is good, some peeps wanna make doody over the whole, "well I didn't really get what happen, and what those people were". Well if you can't follow a Will Smith holiday adventure, just pull the trigger, and leave us to figure it out. Listen, the how isn't important. Big bad virus did it, as for the what happen to them, they got turned into monsters... do you need more? I don't, roll scene.

Now for my one big beef with this flick. You have a good actor, some awesome sets (shutting down new york for parts of this flick for sure), good direction, a cute dog, and have obviously spent a ridiculous amount on everything... why, oh why.... would you call the CGI casting agent from "The Mummy" for your 'creatures'. God, every time those things started chasing our hero, I just wanted to yell, what couldn't pay a make up artist to get some real people in this bitch! i mean CGI zombies work great in a cheese fun fest like "The Mummy"... but when needing real chills... real bodies help. Heck son, there's even a scene where the damn lead "infected" does the whole wide jaw yell thing... you know the scene in the Mummy, where Brendan Fraser yells at one of the skeleton Zombies. Looked like the same programmer got the Job... :)

And damn it folks, i am surprised at myself here, but I liked the ending. Definitely tied to some fun hidden images, throughout the film, like the Jesus butterfly thing  (another image in there the Superman/Batman film poster on the side of a building, awesome).
Overall, good movie, good acting, fun to eat popcorn to... worthy of legend, and/or Norse tales? No, but well worth the time and bill to enjoy.

Movie scale: 3.5 out of 5 stars

ONE LINE REVIEW - Zombievampires that look like Mummy extras, but still some apocalyptic awesomeness. 

Lata bitches, 
I hope you all had merry holidays and such. Cake, Santa sex, whatever your traditions may be.

-Chuck B. Boonsweet

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