Friday, December 14, 2007

An introduction to Boonsweet

So you wank junkie pop culture addicts, tired of leisure fat cat review, and rubberband band wagon surfers... you damn well should be. And I for one, say no more bitches. No more.

I am Charles B. Boonsweet, and this is your resource, you salvation, your de-illusion, does that word exist, who F---ing cares... I'm Boonsweet, I do what I want. So Now that your blood is rushing to your sensitive areas, and you're getting all excited under your batman underoos... and/or bra, you know... shout out to my ladies, what is it I do. I review, I dismember (only content not people...well okay once, but I was going through an experimental stage... and... I digress)... Music, movies (some of which will contain ninjas), trend, celebrity... what ever strikes me, and my partner (introduction to follow shortly), to lend our considerable knowledge of awesome too... 

Want to know more about me, well, maybe... one day... for now, know this... I am awesome... but not in the annoying in your face over the top way... more chill, like wicker chair awesome... sit bitches... sit.


Chuck Boonsweet

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