Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Deliver us from the mediocre


I almost feel I should legit stop any and all bitching... I mean I'm not going to, but almost :)

The reason being, this here is a bonafied, budgeted flick, with a A list star (Eric Bana), some amazing sound and lighting... I mean this is it. A good old fashioned horror flick that would be right at home in the 90s revival when studios were dumping cash on any horror script that came their way. I mean, I love it... First the conjuring last year... then this this year. I mean maybe... maybe it means we'll get more than one mainstream well produced non shaky hand held horror film a year... well a horror fan can hope... and hope... and hope...


Your story goes... An ancient evil is prowling the streets of new york. Causing normal citizens to do things like beat their wives and throw their children into lion's dens. OH-NO. Luckily on the side of the new yorkers... A street Wise cop with a strange "radar" for the paranormally stuff (Bana) and his Fred Durst looking partner (ya some of you don't know who that is, fine, those that do, watch this flick and try to tell me he don't look like Mr. Limp Bizkit) also a priest that drinks a bit but knows his demon procedures.

This is what happens when you run out of posits. 

Let's start with the good. And really, there's a surprisingly decent amount of good. The direction is pretty dang good... yes Jump scares galore. Cats. Closets. Beds. Every single jumps scare you can imagine... but remember I said this was a big studio horror flick. That should not imply originality or lack of jump scare tactics. However, they were very well executed. Even playing on the fact that you (meaning the seasoned horror fan) would be expecting the jump scare so they make you wait... and trick you and then BAM! They actually got me a couple times.

Next up, and perhaps the most important, lighting. Bow freaking howdy is this some lighting. What's that? All you punks dialling up shots while you bask in my Movie breakdowns just leaned back from your mobile device and said "Shhhhhhhhhhite is Ol' Boony talking bout that there lighting?" Yes. Yes I am because I appreciate the little things. Like socks fresh out the dryer... and suicide sauce with my pizza... and some quality freaking lighting in my horror flicks.

You know how many times I have palm slapped my forehead going why do you have flashlights there is clearly another light source in this house that is suppose to have no power... well not year. Dark is dark, and there were some very cool just flashlight beam shots. Really ads to the suspense, and serious, all you indie filmmakers... pay attention to your lighting!

No seriously, you have lovely locks. 

Acting is top notch. Eric Bana holds down his New Yorker accent with authority... and lastly. There is some pretty solid gore, and action here. Even a stair way showdown. But I'll get to that in my wrap up... Now... the bad.

The freaking script is at times so bad I actually laughed. Bana's character does this thing throughout the film where he repeats things. Clearly because the scripture thought the audience wouldn't catch on. Listen, unless you are presenting this film to single celled enema WE GOT IT. There was actually a part where three times he repeats basically the last word of a suspects sentence. But the one that got me was when the possessed girl clearly says "Message" several times and he bends down to her and says - "Message. You got a message" I that point I thought New York was doomed.

The wrap is also pretty strange, since I'm pretty sure the possessed don't have recollections of possession... sooooo how exactly did they know where to look for the people? Hey, I'm not gunna get too into it, but the bottom line is... THIS IS A BIG BUDGET HORROR FLICK. And despite the horrid lapses in logic and jumpscares, I had fun. The one thing I was not expecting was the action aspect.

Much like another bog budget horror (and oft hated on) flick END OF DAYS there is actually a fair bit of action, and face paced nature. I appreciated that. The knife fight came out of nowhere and was pretty cool. The film goes by at a good clip, I was surprised to find out it was almost 2 hours long, felt more like 90 minutes.

SO take it as you will. I think any mainstream horror is a good thing lately... I mean it has all but vanished. What are we getting 3-4 a year? Ridiculous. It is silly at times, and the cats... oh the cats... but in the end, I had fun, and a couple scares... so really, I tried to keep my complaining to a minimum... mostly lol

movie scale 3 out 5 stars
horror scale 3 out of 5 stars

Oh and the "based on a true story" shite. Hahaha come on hollywood. Stop that.

Man I need me a new slasher. Please. A mask. So crazy back story lets doooo  this...

-Boonsweet out kiddies.

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