Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Artsy Scarly Jo


Hmmm. How to start this here review. I guess, really for a film like this I need a brief intro to the review and exactly how I look at film. Listen. Folks. Boonicas. Buckleheads. All you loveable fans of things moving pictures. There are great films. There are films simply to entertain. Then, then there are films made for the simply purpose of exploring the art that is film (I will also allow for the 4th category - CRAP! Which may be argued is, in fact, the aforementioned 'Art' category). I have an appreciation for film that goes down to gushy parts of my core. And, on occasion I do fine love for those projects that explore the art form.

Mostly because it is so very hard to do properly. Often while exploring the boundaries of art director's, writers, hell even actors lose themselves too completely in the idea and forget the fact that no matter the purpose... it is a film.

Am I going blogs Deep here? Probably. I get caught up, after a film like this film I gotta step up my game .... Screw dat.

I promise you. There will be no CPR. 

This is what I'm saying. Art has always been a part of film. Those film that come out and meet mixed reviews and get lost in the annals of history, only to be found decades later and hailed as influential and representative of what is the freedom of film.

Ok. Point is sometimes it works (Beyond the Black Rainbow) and sometimes it goes horribly horribly wrong (My legendary bashing of Only God forgives ). This folks in my mind is a grand success in the art of film.

Your plot is as such... I have no freaking idea. Ha! Didn't expect that did cha! No. Well kind of. Scarlett Johansson is some creature (Alien, thing, robot?) and she travels seducing men and well, apparently sucking their juices. Listen. I can't really get into too much here because there were a few genuine take my breath away moments... i would hate to remove from the experience in the slightest. I will say this... she eventually decides to maybe check the world out around her, and weird dudes on motorbikes hunt for her...

Scarlett gets naked. Yes. If you heard of this movie. That is probably how. But the point is, hell, if that brings a few more million curious parties to watch this... who cares, and I challenge anyone to simply "Mr. Skin" this flick. There is simply too much here. The nudity when it does come is twisted up in the strange goings on that I couldn't even appreciate it... ok... I marginally appreciate it... Ok I still appreciated it... but really the film and the character study is so damn involving that it barely registered as the momentous event my younger self would demand it be.

Ya. Honestly. I wouldn't put up a fight either. 

And that is one damn fine testament to this film. Much like another twisted piece of Indie cinema - Beyond the Black Rainbow - This film is a complete assault on the senses. Rather than weighing down the story with script this is really about experiencing the world through the 5 senses. What you see. What you Taste. What you hear. What you touch. What you smell... ok that last one does really come into play. Ok not so much taste either... dammit... I'm saying it will melt your brain.

THIS FILM IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. I mean that. This is next level art, and all honesty I could watch this with 5 of my boys and have 3 of them turn to me and say "Serious Bro, what the sweet hell are you putting me through here?" But then again those other two would be the guys chatting this movie up with me for hours after over a few fine glasses of wine... hahaha... no. I mean beer. Sweet sweet beer.

Two scenes absolutely rocked me in this film. Do you love film. New ideas. Visually having your brain punched. This is it. Under the black pool. And the face to face. Those 2 scenes, just wowed me. The director - Johnathan Glazer, came as no surprise when I looked him up that he has worked with Massive Attack and Radiohead. The visuals have a similar twisted feel to some of the videos from their catalogue.

This is right up there so far... my second biggest surprise of 2014. Had no idea what to expect here what I got was a quiet, strange, piece of Indie Sci-fi, that might just find an audience... And to those out there that will criticize Scarlett's cold acting in this film (she is defs channelling her character from The Island )... I thought it worked brilliantly, especially when contradicted by the insanity and jarring nature of a few of the scenes.

All around amazing piece of filmmaking. Not a film for entertainment (unless you are a Videot like myself lol) but to simply experience how film can affect you... Do IT... and I hope to here some of your thoughts on this here piece... I imagine there will be quite the debate amongst peeps.

Movie scale 3.5 out 5 stars
WTF scale 4 out of 5 stars

Chuck B. Boonsweet saying... No I will not get in your van Scarlett. No. Not even if you have candy. And Corona? You have candy and corona... Dammit... No. No I am not... Candy, Corona... and the latest issue of #Horrorhound magazine? Ok. Fine. Take me.



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