Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Bloody post apocalyptic boobs.

BOUNTY KILLER (2011, 2013)

How to make a Chuck B. Boonsweet movie: 2 Shots violence, 2 shots cool, 2 shots sex, then fill glass with OJ. Yup. There you have it the Boonsweet special. And this movie might be the closest I have seen in a while.

Your plot. Well, the corporate world got so greedy they destroyed the world. Now, the survivors, trying to put their world back together, created a council of judges. This council orders hits on surviving members of the Corporate apocalypse. The greatest of these is DRIFTER, and a close number two the blood thirsty, and sexy as hell - MARY DEATH (Played by the never heard of her, she is now a nerd hero - Christian Pitre). Turns out they have a complicated past, that past will intersect with a crazy new Corporate plan to reconquer the world. Through a sea of post-apocalyptic CGI landscapes and crazy gypsy cannibals, they will try to save the world, and each other.

Can we just take a moment to really appreciate my plot summarizing skills. I mean damn, I am really coming along here.

If you fancy yourself a fan of Grindhouse cinema. Perhaps a troublemaker studio teeshirt branded Robert Rodriguez supporter. Or maybe you have just watched THE ROAD WARRIOR so many times you have begun to add spikes and spear launchers to your automobile. This is your movie. If you love cheesy, violence filled, sexy filled, cinema... this is your movie. And damn it, if you have a soft (or hard) spot for sexy brunettes in modified nurse outfits with large guns... This is your movie.

In the future, stage coaches are driven with motorbikes. I know. Sweet 

So, understandably... this is a Boonsweet friendly film. I had so much fun with this flick. What is going on? Back to back indie films unexpectedly entertaining me. Will wonders never cease? This is why I still wade through the endless crap of modern film, because, every so often, BAM! I am reminded why I love movies. Fun. That kinda giggle inducing feeling I had the first time I watched some classic romp through my childhood.

Hey. Is this film a classic? No. But its everything else you could ask for from an Indie KICKSTARTER funded flick. The CGI even though used a lot, is not that bad. I was worried too. The opening action sequence is very badly shot, and lit, and I was already worrying that the film would slip into mediocrity. But then, all of a sudden, there is this brilliant shot of a moonlit maiden, and a kick ass line and I was all... Director Henry Saine and writer Jason Dodson might just have a handle on this. They might just pull this crazy bitch off.

Now if you believe the box art, and IMBD they list this as starring Matthew Marsden (the main DRIFTER) and Kristanna Loken. Though miss Loken is hardly in this flick, the movie is entirely held together by the screen presence of MARY DEATH. The chemistry between her and Drifter is awesome. Burns up every scene they are in. Thats right all you indie bastards that screw it up - its not just about trying to make a cool movie on a tiny budget. Its about putting heros in your flicks people want to root for.

That folks, is post apocalyptic sex appeal. Giggity. 

Did I mention Mary Death just oozes sex appeal, and she revels in it. Its obvious everyone is having fun here, and it only adds to you the crazy film lovers enjoyment. I mean a film where the way to buy your way across the quarantined Badlands is with a six pack of long lost Pabst Blue Ribbon? Come on, gold people. How about a Bounty killer fan, wanting to be Drifter's gun caddie, even though he sucks. imagine a scene with the two of them training... driving on bikes side by side, and the Caddie tossing weapons to drifter from his golf bag... Genius is a strong word. By, hell, that is some cool.

Its a nice touch having the "Gangs" being all dressed unique. For instance all the corporate baddies are in suits and yellow ties. The Gypsys in leather and face paint.

This is not a film for everyone. If you have tried to watch Desperado, Mad max, Planet Terror, and such things, and just end up saying to yourself Who the hell could watch shit like this? Well, I respect your opinion. But as I am one of the many that does, let me warn you. Not for you. Defs not for you.

As with any of these new age indie pics, the CGI (even though its not as bad as some) is still annoying from time to time. They do a good job of not relying on it every time. Adding in a ton of real old school practical gore to satisfy your bloody needs. Also the director has a good handle on the presentation, and manages to get some pretty cool shots out of a cheap CGI created destroyed earth. The performances in the flick are on too. Exactly what they need to be, cheesy, fun, and some heart. The whole "so in love with you I want to kill you" theme of the main relationship is a nice bit of tragic lover insanity.

Its cheap. Its fast and furious. Blood soaked. Its a good time people. If you are into this sort of thing. I'm sure the underground community will be all over this flick (Much like the not quite as cool Bitch Slap). Hopes to see a sequel too.

Movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars
Post-Apocalypitic/Sci-fi scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

Grab a beer, chips, friends, and cheer all the way through. I think this is a film for a certain audience, and unashamed to be so. As a member of that audience I thank you. I thank you all.

Fav line: After a swing of beer "It tastes like boobs"

- Charles B.

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