Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Well, your old pal Bucklesworth isn't content to just let 2 trailers be enough for you this month.  After all, why would Boonsweet and I let you miss potentially awesome flicks by not seeing the trailers?  I mean, if we don't show them to you, what guarantees are there that you'll see them on your own?  That said, here we go again...

V/H/S (Fall 2012)

As a huge horror buff, and (as mentioned in a previous review) a "found footage" fan, this movie was naturally my first pic for Trailer Trash.  And I must say, it looks pretty damn creepy.  This is actually an anthology, which is pretty uncommon for the "found footage" sub-genre, and each story is created by a different director.  The positive being that with different stories and different directors, we're bound to like at least one of 'em, hahaha.

THE APPARITION (August 2012)

I know, I know.  Another horror flick Bucklesworth?  Yes, indeed.  That's how I roll ladies and gentlemen.  This one I happened to see the trailer for while seeing another movie in the cinema (Wrath of the Titans, if I recall correctly).  The story of a university parapsychology experiment gone wrong, a pair of students become tormented by spirits.  The interesting part is that the flick is apparently inspired by allegedly true events, so it certainly whetted my curiosity.  Check out the trailer and judge for yourself.

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