Saturday, July 7, 2012


Okay Booniacs, and Buckleheads, it is time for a brand new segment callllllled... TRAILER TRASH. Here me, and my homeboi KKB, are gunna throw down and showcase some of the trailers that have us more than a lil' bit excited. Some you may have seen... others you may have missed and hopefully will get you pumped up! As we all know trailers these days can be lies. Horrible, shameless lies! So down the road when these flicks come out, we will of course throw down a review and see if it lived up.

Alright... here we go. Buckle in... turn down the lights... click that ipod to soft jams track 8 and lets see whats out there...

END OF WATCH (late 2012)

I do like me a good cop movie. I am a man. And I was once a boy, and so I have many times in my life ran around a hard firing a water gun determined to capture the bad guys. This looks like a lovely take on the genre, and some really cool peeps to boot. Jakey G has been one of my favs since DONNIE DARKO and Michael Pena has been getting around and doing all kinds of things. Can't say as I approve of all his choices... but this looks like a good one. The part that gets me is the set up call. Crazyness.

SINISTER (late 2012)

Ethan Hawke has been damn good at what he does. Racking up a long list of winners (GATTACA being a fav). So anything with him in it catches my attention. This does have the feel of INSIDIOUS from last year. A strange little film that made a bunch of dough. Not surprisingly from the same folks. But it is rated R and that is worth something. There are a couple of real creepy parts in this trailer. I think I'm in.

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