Monday, July 23, 2012

Boobs, blood, and Jesus.


Horror is a genre divided. As maintained by the success of amazingly made, terrifying entries, as it is by the cheesy, low budget, over gored and man-crowd pleasing portions of the genre. I will give you two guesses as to which category this one falls under.

The story is a super goody goody (played by a ridiculously attractive Katie Peterson - think Tara Reid in the original American pie). Her mom is a person suffering from Hyper-religiosity. Hyper-religiosity an actual condition diagnosed, means religious addiction. That's right Boony is expanding his word bank folks, look out. Any way Katie P's "Rebecca" character is off for a weekend of less that religious approved fun with her crazy friends.

Okay, so I'm going to stop here and explain a few things before I go further. There is a whole side story involving a Girls gone wild company called Girls gone Crazy. Is this just an excuse to showcase a ton of random boobs, and later violence - Yes. Am I okay with this - yes. Did it make me laugh - Yes. There are a ton of semi-celebrity cameos, and more thans, in here. Ron Jeremy (although he looks like he is half dead through most of his scenes), the tiny black creature that is Beetlejuice, and my favorite Jerry "The King" Lawler.

Back to plot... if I really need to explain lol. So the girls head out to a house entrusted to them by the one girls dad. They meet sum guys, lots of partying happens, good girl tries not to give in to her urges. Boobs. Boobs. Some blood. More boobs. A killer is slaughtering the naughty - Way more blood. And that is your movie.

Ah, that is disgusting. I'll just close my eyes count to 10 and maybe she'll put her clothes back on. 

Anyone reading my reviews might remember I have a simple rule. You can have a smart-smart movie, or a dumb- dumb movie. You can't combine the two. Meaning, you can either be an intelligent movie and maintain that throughout, or you can be a dumb movie and maintain that throughout. This is a film that knows it's silly, and loves it. One of my favorite scenes is when one of the girls getting wasted, ends up putting on her booze goggles on and seducing a rather "large" man. Then things get violent while she's um, adjusting his mic. It's the in your face cheese, with rather intense violence, that just made this a really fun ride for me. This is not a film that will make you jump, but if you are some one that watches the cheese that came out during the VHS boom, and calls it slasher gold, well this is for you.

I really dug the sense of humor in this flick. And for a cheap, B&B (blood and Boob) fest, the acting was not horrible. Though to be fare I may have missed some lines during repeated de-clothing. The last scene after the credits was a great time, perfectly summed up the "lets just have fun with this folks" tone. The religious angle was pretty damn entertaining too. When the mom buys the daughter a Jesus candle so he's "never far from you", when she leaves. Haha... its the little things.

Movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars
Horror B-movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I have made it clear. If you want legit horror, do not watch this. If you want to have a great blood soaked, giggle filled time, enjoi !

- Boonsweet saying the horror watching has been way too much fun lately :)

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