Saturday, July 21, 2012

Oh my fond memories of High School hijinx


I had to wait to write this review, because I was without words. That is right. Charles "Webster's weaponizing" Boonsweet, was at a loss. Now some of you might be thinking... Damn, it messed Boony up? I have to see this flick. Maybe. I'm really not sure. But here goes.

So DETENTION sells itself as a horror, horror/comedy, type film. As such, that is what I sat down to watch. 30 seconds into this film, I was laughing, enjoying, and trying to process what I was watching. This folks, is a grade A, twisted narrative, completely warped, 90s loving, cult status written all over it adventure.

Plot is as such, slasher starts killing high school peeps, dressed like a popular movie character "Cinderella". That is your basic plot. Now let me tell you a few of the things you will see along the way:

1. A ton of social media thrashing talking to camera
2. A school mascot that may, or may not be a former time traveling bear.
3. A student that may actually have part fly DNA
4. Aliens
5. Possibly the coolest dog attack scene I have ever witnessed.
6. A Canadian.

And the list goes on. As the film continued I have to say I began to severely enjoy the craziness. But this folks, is not a horror flick. It's a black comedy with a few horror elements (including some insane violence). I have grown up on a few fantastic black comedies, "Heathers" being a primary film that came up to me during this film. This is a film that gleefully crossing any line of reality. Including these awesome flashback sequences detailing character back story my fav... the sad and tragic tale of the Time traveling bear. They still try to tie it together with the slasher tale, but really it almost becomes secondary to the chaos. They do achieve one small triumph, something that many would be black violent comedies more often than not fail at: They made you care about the characters. A prime example, a rather awesome, and real romantic moment between two teenagers taking a cruise through the streets on a long board. Those moments are spread throughout. Unexpectedly good. Though not so much as finding out one of them is part Fly... and his um, "love juice" glows.

Really? That's how Kim Kardashian got famous...

If you enjoyed films like "Heathers", "To die for", "Idle Hands", "Southland Tales", even maybe "Bubba Ho-Tep", and the like... well you, like me I will expect, shall enjoy the kaka outta this crazy flick. However if twisted cult status flicks often fail to harder your Fly parts, well, this probably will not be the one to change your mind. :)

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Cult status (crazy as %$#! WTF) flick 3.5 out of 5 stars.

-Charles B. Boonsweet saying if you want more check out my crazy flashback sequence.... Now....

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