Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Take the ride


So you tired of every teen comedy being marketed as the next "Superbad" I know I am... very. Here is a perfect example of what the make a quick buck disease is doing to Hollywood. And they think its pirating...
Adventure land stares a couple of very notable young stars Jesse Eisenberg and the "OMG its Bella from twilight" Kristen Stewart First, and I want to make this very clear, Kristen Stewart is hot, and two the girl can act. Yes I know Twilight has flaws so very many... but it has an army behind it (don't believe me try screaming Edward sucks ass and his eyebrows are demons at a Jonas Bros concert; I was pulling cell phones out of places I didn't even know I had, well okay most I had previously discovered through self exploration). I mean Kristen has gone toe to toe with Meg Ryan and held her own, and that's something. And Mr. Eisenberg is on the cusp of Michael Cera like fame. Give it time (the upcoming Zombieland will probably help)
As I was saying this is not a gross out, look away from the screen with a eye through your fingers, teen comedy. This is a really... really good... not so funny drama.
Story goes as such troubled life not working out type (Jesse) gets stuck at an amusement park for the summer, when he was suppose to go mad sex party in Europe. He's depressed. Meets hot confused chick at park, they discover a lot more to life well wading through the kaka that is their surroundings. The fact that well they're falling for each other Ryan Reynolds is nailing Kristen further complicates things. Think the plot sounds cliche? Don't be fooled. It avoids almost every cliche (there is a romantic moment under fireworks, damn Disney!). Its straight forward and real. You believe every one is 3D. Even those just popping in for a scene. The supporting cast is great. There's no one liners here. No silver screen polish. This is real 1987 love. Did I mention it takes place in 1987, it does. If you're allergic to "Falco" stay away.
The writing is dry, and honest. There are moments that are just awkward, not because they're funny but because we recognize them as growing up. Messing up. And getting up.
It's not a laugh out loud, but you'll chuckle. No scenes you'll act out with your friends after a couple of drinks, but it will make you smile for a while after.

Drama Scale - four out of 5 stars
Movie scale - 3.5 out of 5 stars.

I'm back you snot nosed rabid fan types... enjoy

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