Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh you silly demon things ha ha ha (Ninja movie of the Month September 2009)


Anime is a wondrous art form. Folks around the globe have been appreciating it for what it is; honest old school story telling. Through anime the film scene in Japan has exploded. The lines have begun to blur as well. The insane violence and sex of early, and continuing entries in the genre, suddenly finding ways into mainstream, live action film making. The Godfathers "Akira" "Ghost in the Shell" "Ninja Scroll" as inspiring an entire generation of artists.
Blood was a anime that blew up the scene in the mid nineties. It was 45 minutes long and used some brand new digital enhancing techniques. Minds were blow across the globes. It was short, sweet, violent, and beautiful.
So when I heard it was coming to the a live action theatre near me, I was excited, and it was English, not that I have subtitle issues, still being a joint production the budget would more than likely be a little more ... impressive.
The original story was as such... Old school super powered vamp chick, with a sword, kills demons, with the help of an "Organization". She then kills demons on an army base in 1966. End movie.
The new one goes as such... old school super powered vamp chick, with a sword (that she now likes to kick out of the sheath), kills demons with the help of "The Council". She goes to American army base in 1966 saves generals daughter from vamps. Daughter gets caught up in the whole secret war between demons and humans (blah, blah) together they end up fighting a whole bunch of bad guys, and then gigantic over the top demonic showdown.

So the good- The action scenes are intense. Awesome. There are three big ones and they all don't disappoint. You get ninja action, huge amounts of blood letting (all be it CGI demon blood, I almost liked it more, had the feel of anime blood letting), super powered full out demons (that turn into demon in a blaze of ash and embers. Not sure what that's about, but still better than Edward's sparkling, seriously)... And really guys the demons don't look have bad. For a lower budget picture, decent. The acting isn't horrible, mostly, and the writing isn't horrible, mostly...

So the bad - Why why WHY can't movie companies just make the damn movie with the original story. I mean the examples are endless, but really is "Well when translating it to the big screen changes had to be made" Bull-shizzie. There were some really cool just like the anime moments here. Shot for shot, but I wanted more of that. The hospital scene for example from the original would have been prime. Or the burning building demon brawl. Also, you've seen this movie before, though perhaps in different parts. Think Blade meets House of the Flying Daggers (yes I know its cool I have to admit). Even though I said the demons looked good, with how good the fight scenes are, they really should have spent more time on them. Gone full makeup, like say Hellboy.

Overall... I think a worthy translation of the idea of BLOOD though perhaps not the story. Lots of fun to be had here guys and gals. Huge action. Ninjas... NINJAS! An old school revenge plot. And an Asian Buffy... haha

Horror/action scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars

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