Thursday, September 17, 2009

King Of the B flick Period


Bruce Campbell is the biggest film star 67% of you have never heard of. Further surprising to that percentile, other than his existence, might be the near godlike worship that the 26% of he remaining 33% exhibit towards the man. Deadites as they are commonly referred to ( a name based on his cult classic EVIL DEAD trilogy). We (yes I am in that category) have followed this man for years . He has a knack for appearing in some of the dumbest (the man with the screaming brain) to the strangely brilliant (Bubba Ho Tep) but somehow he always makes it interesting.
So amidst low budget film superiority, what do you do to top your cheese filled, gore drenched, sci fi familiars? You make a self bashing movie in which you play yourself. A would be movie star, driving a shit mobile, and living in a shack where you drunk call your ex, who happens to be shaggin your agent.
This film is filled with great cameos, and it is made for Bruce fans, unapologetically. This is by Bruce for you. He wrote it and directed it, and unlike the MAN WITH THE SCREAMING BRAIN, its really, really cool.

Plot - Small town under siege from old school Asian demons. A Bruce obsessed fan is convinced he is the only one that can help. The town is desperate so they get behind his plan to kidnap the clueless Bruce. He arrives, half drunk, and pissed. Deciding the whole thing is a birthday prank from his agent, he goes along with it. Getting drunk with the rednecks, and seducing the bar maid. The trouble starts, or continues, when he realizes its all real... and he's the only one acting.

The film is fun. Insider giggles all around. There is a chance someone who has never seen at least three Bruce flicks might enjoy this. There is plenty of giggle cheese (goes great with chuckle crackers), and horror B greatness (the lovely beheadings). By this is for us the followers of a cult icon.

Horror/comedy scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
movie scale 3 out of 5 stars

I still think if you dig ghouls and one liners... you might just get something out of this. But trust in the Boonsweet, if you are a Bruce C fan you must watch... hell you probably already have...

Chuck B is out this peace!

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