Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Alien Refugees? Yup

DISTRICT 9 (2009)

How many people do you know that have seen this flick? I know about 42, and you know what everyone has said to me... "Wow it was really good, totally not what I was expecting"
I must say I agree. I don't know what I was expecting, but DISTRICT 9 was brilliant. Great sci fi. The most original, put a message in your face film making I have seen in a while. I imagine n example might be if Disney/Pixar made a film about finding an alternative to oil energy, yeah something like that.
The trick here is to explain the plot without giving to much away.
Alien ship stopped over city. They found 1.4 million aliens on board. They were all transported to what is basically a slum, where they are mistreated, misunderstood and used. The big thing is all the alien technology is made for just aliens. Humans can't use it so you have all this warring companies trying to be the first to master alien tech but no one can. After twenty years, people decide they've had enough of the aliens being in their city, causing trouble and eating cat food, so in comes big time company (mercenary employer) to move them, peacefully by force to their lovely new concentration camp. In comes Sharlto Copley as Wickus. This is Copley's first movie and sweet hell does he rock. Mark my words. You are going to see him every where. He is sensitive, strong, weak, ignorant, heroic, and all of them well. he is the man sent to "Move" the aliens out.
So Wickus... ignorant push over he is ends up getting caught in what is a rather complex situation with alien escape and the like.

The style of the film is great. Shifting effortlessly form documentary, to real time, to interviews, everything coming together to tell one of the best, emotional action adventures in a while. Did I say Whoa to the action?
The action is violent and wickedly directed. You will want to stand up and cheer at some points... heck feel free to, others will follow (Boonsweet does not actually guarantee audience participation, if you find yourself singled out and being glared at, do not take it out on me. Luv bitches... luv)

To the point
- Sci fi action scale 4.5 out of 5 stars
- movie scale 4 out of five stars

Great performances from every one. Can I say utterly believable. See it. Now.


Chuck Boonsweet

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