Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still Chill

ICE AGE 3 (2009)

Those of you with allergic reactions to cute will not be able to watch this film.
Also anyone suffering from
1) Cute stress fraction arm sensitiveitis
2) High cute related blood pressure coma
3) Spontaneous overcute eye explosion
and several over cute to pain diseases... stay away. So very far away. This film is so cute I smiled like I had kids. Several.
One thing the makers of the ICE AGE films have always understood about big flashy summer computer animated blockbusters, is that they are big flashy summer movie blockbusters. They don't have to make any real sense, or hide deeper meanings, no gross statements about our impending consumerism related doom (I loved Wall-e just saying). Its simple. Make it bright, fun, cute, and slip in a bunch of adult humor to get the parents less pissed about being surrounded by a theatre of screaming kids.
This movie was in 3D in theatre does that matter? No. Moving on.
So our favorite survivors of the ICE AGE are back. Manny (voiced by Ray Romano) the mammoth is expecting his first child with girlfriend Ellie (Queen Latifah). Side note, can you imagine the babies Ray Romano and the Queen would make in real life...
Damn my grandkids just puked...
And so we continue.
Sid the sloth finds baby Dino eggs, decides he wants to be a Momma (so many things wrong with that), and takes them. They hatch and turn out to be Baby T-rexes. Chaos ensues, small dinos are playfully almost digested, and the like. Then big Momma shows up and drags them and Sid back to the underground world of the Dinosaurs. Enter one of the funnest characters yet, Buck Voiced brilliantly by Simon Pegg), an eye patch wearing... well not really sure what he is, who guides them through the perils of the new Dino world to Sid.
Thought it all we learn a few messages about friendship, or baby making, or you're only old if you feel old, or whatever really. Big Dinos. Some of the funniest one liners;
-It's a boy
-That's her trunk
-Its a girl
Trust me... there's giggle in spades. Watched the sabertooth tiger do the burning paw dance cracked me up. And the cute is so damn CUTE. The little T-rexes are nothing but lovable. I might even hug the jeep chasing Grampa rex in Jurassic Park after this.

Family flick scale 4 out of 5 stars
Movie scale 3 out of five stars.

Its good fun.
Brings kids or
Drugs.... I mean or friends... and chips...
Yeah chips.

-Charles B. Boonsweet is signing.... wait... wait the nut hunting squirrel. Oh... its good... nuts... woman... couch moving...

Lata you ice sucking fiends

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