Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sit, roll over, play dead damn it

FIDO (2006)

Do you love zombies? Did you like "Pleasantville"? Do you have a love of cheesy, limb ripping violence? Then dear film fan "Fido" might just be the ticket you've been looking. So this is a rather interesting little piece of independent film. A lot of known actors, not big, but known. Including "oh my god where have you been since you didn't get naked in the matrix trilogy" Carrie Anne Moss.  You plot is thus, in what looks to be a fifties setting, zombies are real, everyone knows about them, and there was a war. We won, and afterwards, a company called Zombie Con developed technology that lets people use zombies as pets (this light up neck collar), or slaves, or whatever you want really, and yes if your sick mind has gone where some sick minds will, that too. Enter cute little Timmy whose mom, Helen (Carrie Ann Moss) decides they should have their first Zombie. Trust me when I say, there is no way in hell you will recognize Billy Connolly as Fido. I saw his name and did a double take. In case you don't know who that is, hit up a bio, guaranteed he's been in at least 20 flicks you've seen. Moving on...
So kid, and mom, develop real feelings for their Fido.
So when Fido's collar malfunctions and he kills someone, Timmy covers for him. And well, one dead lady equals new zombie. Equals new zombie attack, and so the zombie chaos continues, though through it all Fido seems to develop feelings for his new family as well. He's a 'good' zombie, ha. And it goes from their.
Now the film has a real 50's TV, cutesy, vibe. That was why at the beginning I mentioned "Pleasantville", was the closet film set piece I could use. Lots of big smiles, bright colors, a little too friendly folk, and old cars. The whole film is tongue in cheek, lots of good cheese laughs. The acting fits, always. And man, that much greasy hair dos is always a good time. I must say I did enjoy this film. The direction is tight, cheesy when it needs to be, old school zombie flick when it calls for it. I was quite impressed with the production values too for a smaller film. I mean the town looked great, and some of the shots were fab-u-lous. The only draw back I have is that, dare I say it, I wanted a little more zombie, and a little less, leave it to beaver. I mean it was cute, I get the point, hell I got the point 30 minutes in. Its fifties cool, great, now kill more stuff. 
So if you're looking for a zombie splatter fest, this is not the stop for you. But if you have a love of comedy horror gems like "Evil Dead 2" (of course as mentioned, minus the gore), and "House", this should give you more than a couple of giggle popcorn moments. Warning if you guys out there choose to watch this with a lady friend, its not scary enough to get her in your arms, so it might just end up with her shaking her head, and saying things like "What the hell is this", "why are we watching this, why are they talking like that"...etc, etc. I have born witness to it first hand... Boony got none... and now I am sad.

movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Horror/comedy scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

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