Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dead Moon rising over another piece of indie crap


I have a soft spot for indie films. No budget, just a few folks gathering ideas, and friends to create some off the mainstream path options. Sometimes, you find some amazing treasures, "Evil Dead", "Kids", "Clerks", ... and many others. Of course some become mainstream over time, but they did naye start that way. So i often dabble in the indie pool, to see what's I find. With "Dead Moon Rising" I found nothing. In fact I lost 90 minutes of my life.
Dead moon Rising does start with promise, in a field often lending itself to the indie nation, the Zombie film. So basic loser and his rag tag group battle a sudden plague of the undead. It has a few clever lines, and some nifty flashback sequences, talk to the camera type of shit, that made the start... enjoyable. So I was actually into to it, and then, then, things got rough. From ugly chicks (I mean I understand, indie is indie, but heck, did you have to pay the female cast with beer and coke, ok that was rough... but seriously), one of the worse scripts I have ever seen, seasoned with horrid acting, and...AND! A huge, freaking huge no no; Touching on the greatness that is Bruce "Don't call me Ash" Campbell. Oh yes, near the end of this shit movie, our hero actually turns to the screen, and says the immortal line of the "Evil Dead" main player.... "Groovy". I actually threw my popcorn at the screen.
It's kind of like imagining the worse band you know using a chorus from a Pink Floyd song. Yeah like that. The movie seems to drag on forever, from one dumb scene to the next. Trying to be over the top cheesy and funny, just ends up being so bad I should really hit the stop button. Even has one scene when two chicks randomly grope and make out. Think that's hot, remember what i said about the females in this flick, then if you really wanna see that, spend 5 minutes online, so sayeth the Boonsweet.
Not worth seeing, ever. Uninteresting, it will hurt you as a film fan, and a zombie fan. 
The end of this movie, somehow manages to make the rest of the film look like citizen Kane ha! Like just when you think it can't get dumber... oh it does... Ow... Ow... my logic cortex

Movie scale 0.5 out of 5 stars
Horror movie scale 0.5 stars out of 5

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