Wednesday, March 12, 2008

30 days of blood sucking creatures for the icy boat... or where ever they came from

30 DAYS OF NIGHT (2007)

Two things, 

1) I think I, like most horror fans, love vampires. Granted they are often used as teen heart throb content, and we all get sick of shiny white fang close ups, but still, there is a soft spot in my hardened man shell for the suckers. 
2) Josh Hartnett has grown on me. I almost hate to admit it, what with his teen heart throb roots, but much like the male half of Brangelina, or Angelpitt, or whatever we're calling Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie these days, he has proven his acting chops. Though still a little one dimensional, he can get his point across well, and he makes a good ass kick manly man. 

This film owes a lot to its director, David Slade. The only other project I was familiar with of his was "Hard Candy", an earlier role staring miss Juno. And if these first two major projects are an indication, Mr. Slade, you are going to have a long career in this here business.
Plot, small Alaskan town, the day before the sun sets for thirty days. To anyone not sure, yes this is real, and happens. So the day before a few strange things start happening, all the cell phones are destroyed, helicopter is disabled, and basically anything that would let this small town maintain contact with the outside world during the lights out.
Small town Sheriff, and his ex lover are reunited thanks to her missing the final flight out of town before perma-dark. Then the shizzie goes off the hook, and some mad creepy "not likely to see in Buffy reruns" vampires start tearing apart people, and the town. What follows is a long struggle to survive with those not killed in the first days of the attack. Blood, blood, and and limbs, folks, no lie.
I have to give one mad prop out to one shot (and there are a few worth mentioning) that really stood out. The camera glides, birds eye view of the town under attack, complete chaos. The shear planning to set that shot up must have been uber sweaty, well worth it chums. Getting back here...
The Vamps in this flick are a great time. No more cutesy, lets bite each other and live forever. No, vampires with souls (sorry I really do enjoy Buffy, just, you know, shit's cheesy). These Vampires are bloodthirsty, ugly, blood stained, foreign beasts. Here to enjoy the slow moving food, and lack of sun. This movie has style, much inspired from the graphic novel. Yes, in case you didn't know kiddies, one of the most praised horror comics of all time. So, much like 300, and Sin City, before, there are some beautiful shots right out of the book. Boy Howdy do they look sharp on the big, or small, screen. 
Writing is pretty good, the movie flies by, and sometimes the writing takes a moment to catch up, but the dread and acting is good enough to carry you through. I like Melissa George as the ex, trapped in a situation with a former love, husband, guy. She's a nice balance for the stare acting of Josh Harnett, and I mean that in the best possible way, honest. I like the guy remember, he's growing on me. 
The ending, as all you Boonites know, means the world, and I loved this ending. Not only to we get chaos, but we get a rather enjoyable meeting of Good and Evil... A little far fetched and you will be wondering what's with all the spectators... but, screw it. Fun, is fun violent fun. 
And a little romance for the ladies... 

There are some truly violent scenes in this film, with a few genuine scares... watch it with the lights off bitches.... yes that means the Batman night light too little Jimmy...

movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Horror scale 4 out of 5 stars

Another true comic adaptation, or at least good, hopefully the trend continues, and no one starts Uwe Bollin' them.... 

Lata bitches

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