Sunday, September 29, 2013

Blood. Gore. No shame. Survival Horror at its finest.


One of the more modern complaints about horror films is how rarely they really go for your throat. Punch you in the nuts, really push the limits of what you can handle. Hostel came out and every DTV horror flick was claiming to be the next Torture Porn extravaganza. But they weren't, hell some of them were barely movies - Anyone remember CAPTIVITY starring the super cute, now puck bunny (married to a Toronto Maple life dontchaknow) Elisha Cuthbert. They sold that film with promises of extremes and horrors beyond your ability. Then you watched it and it was hardly PG, made no sense, and Cuthbert's torture was more or less her screaming, crying, and watching her dog die... only even that wasn't real and her dog was fine...

Ok, yes, that one was so bad it stuck with me. My point is, true gore loving horror fans don't have much to get excited about. I want a film to dive across the line, mess me up, have me laughing uncomfortably at the screen as I process the chaos... I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE has always had the balls to be that film. From the first time I watched the original (1970s), I watched members of my teenage circle stand up (boys and girls) and walk out. And the rest that stayed were mind blown. A film that showed you what real bad guys would do to a pretty lady, then showed you more and more... stacked it so much on one side, that when the tables flipped and she started slaughtering them... you were practically cheering. Then the original remake happened and man, balls to the wall again... I enjoyed the shit out of that one.

The type of film you wanna gather you semi-demented film loving hombres and see if they cover there eyes or catch a stomach toss in their throat... just to bring you the joy that you survived something they could not... ya... you know what I'm talking about... the kind you text right after and your thumbs are all like... Holy Balls Joshie D you gotta see this shizzie it will scar you. To which your friend is all Boony Mac, BS, I can handle anything. To which you then smile and invite the punk over.

Twisted yes. Gore horror fan, yup.

Aw shucks you're so pretty... 
SO here we are, I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE 2. In no way ties to the original other than here we have another tale of a woman done so very wrong, who will have her revenge. So your story is such. Small town girl moves to the big city to be a model. Ends up a waitress (no, I promise, this is not a true story). She heads to see a pro photographer for a shoot to help her out, they want her to get sexy (and less clothes like) she says no, leaves. However one of the creeps becomes obsessed with her, follows her home and has his way with her. Then he calls his friends to help him out. Girl is drugged, wakes up in another country, and all kinds of horrible -HORRIBLE! shit happens to her. Then... she will have her reeeeeevenge! (insert evil crowd approved laugh)

Man, the whole time I was watching this film I am struck by two things. The acting by the lead is again above par. These are insanely intense scenes and the Girl in question - Katie - (played by Jemma Dallender) sells every moment. Even later when she is all out to get even... she holds her intensity in check. Seriously, and I mean this folks... You put an A-list actress (let's say Chloe Grace, or Abigail B) in this film. Give it a catchy award title like - The Lost American - and write the same story about an aspiring model that is taken and used for horrid things before rising up... you would have all kinds of award buzz. And I know, maybe I'm crazy, but this girl Jemma, man someone needs to notice her work here. Anyone watch this and tell me they didn't believe her performance... nuts.

Yo. You still think I'm pretty?
Next the directing. Much like the um, "Original" Remake lol, the directing is above par too. And stays away from handheld shooting too - Yay! Some really nice shots in here. The lighting and angles in the tunnels for example. Nice work there with blocking, and camera placement. Ya. I just called out blocking in a horror flick review - cause I do what I want bitches! Man do they go for it (In for a penny dontchaknow). I mean the violence is off the charts... straight up. Side up. Round up. Down up. All ups. Make up, all of it, and extremely well done. You will look away from the screen at least once. Probably more. Puss bother you? If it doesnt it freaking will ... And women out there, much like the last one, its woman power all the way once the tables are turned.

There are people who are not, and will never, be the type to enjoy this genre of horror. They'll quote grindhouse heroes, and discuss the glory days... but they hold this stuff under a microscope, like its improper horror (Ya because the Revenge/raperevenge subgenre ain't been around for 40 years or nothing). Then there are those that just will never approve of a film like this, and damn it there should be fine outstanding folks opposed to such things. Gives society hope. I however have no such aspirations...

This is it folks... knee deep hard R modern horror. The acting in the supporting roles might be a lil weak... though the villains are a little less cartoonish (a little) than last time. The cop, is just hopeless. The music is well, trying to be something it is not at times... and a few other things. But dammit, how many films are there that actually pull this off well? Try to offend every part of your supposed decency and wrap it up in a pretty looking package? Not that many, and I have to say I'll be sitting on my couch with friends and a beer to check out the rest that follow -  till they screw it up.

One seriously twisted trip folks. Not for those easily offended, or grossed out. I mean it. No badges of honour here. This ain't no Human Centipede, or Saw, this is the real deal. Painfully real. I honestly can't even make my usually parade of cool humour and stuff (K, I did get a little in dere)... because well, damn flick kinda messed me up here...

How's that for an endorsement.

So Boony... is it better than the first one? Hmmm. I don't know, anything I could rate that on would prob just make me sound rather twisted, I will say with the bad guys, and the power of the lead... you know... there's a strong argument that it does surpass the original. But that tooth pull and mouth stuff from part one... might give 1 a violence edge... I dunno... you guys decide...

Look out for this Jemma Dallender chick... cute, talented, and able to go to some very dark places...

Movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars
Horror scale 3.5 out of 5 stars.

K. I did warn you damn Booniacs and Buckleheads! It's halloween, lotta horror on deck.

I can't believe another Sequel to a remake, that is another remake, was actually above expectations... (see Fright Night 2 review lol)... what the hell is happening?

- Boonsweet Out!

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