Monday, September 16, 2013

Really, who doesn't like bacon?


K. So this here celluloid adventure isn't exactly old enough to qualify for our notorious Chiller Classic segment, but dang it... we are on the way to halloween here, and I (and my blogging cohort) will be watching all kinds of crazy horror shizzie... and some of it deserves recognition.

So, this film kinda flew under the radar, did well enough to warrant a DTV sequel (no need to ever watch that)... but really kind of disappeared into the "just another OK thriller" bins. Before I descend into reasons why I think you may wanna add this to your Hallow's eve countdown watchlist (assuming of course you do, because all the cool kids would)... let's get to da story yo!

Our leading man, Tom Witzy (played by the gravefully underrated Kevin "Watch The Following" Bacon), is hypnotized one fine eve by his wife's bitchy sister. He leaves the session shaken, and soon after starts developing some disturbing abilities... like premonitions, and an awareness of a spirit haunting his house. Something his young son is already aware of. From there it is a borderline descent into insanity as he tries to discover the source of his visions without the loss of his wife.

Turns out ghost chicks won't let a guy man-nap either...

All I remembered from this flick was the ending, and one scene... one very cool, impressive scene... the hypnotizing scene. They take a different approach to it. Instead of watching an actor pretend to sleep in a chair after fingers have been snapped. The suggestions she passes to Mr. Bacon play out in first person... and it has a very surreal effect that I have still not seen equalled. It also makes a similar scene later in the film quite effective.

I wouldn't really classify this film as Horror... more dark thriller. With some sprinkles of equally dark humour. For instance, Kevin Bacon explaining to his wife that he has to "Dig" while he's tearing up her back yard. When she understandably wants more info... he answers with a rant followed by "I have to dig. So just let me dig".

Step 1. Shirt off. 2. Sweaty. 3. Crazy face 4. Dig bitch, dig!

Its the little things that stand out in this film for me... the Kill Bill  red color changes. The creepy kid talking to the camera "Does it hurt to be dead?". A random boob. And damn it I have to bring it up again the coolest take on being hypnotized on film - ever!

If you like you thrillers fast, and creepy, and your Bacon half crazy... well this flick is for you and should be  fine addition to your indie Horror loving ways.

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Thriller Scale 3.5 out of 5 stars.

Anyone else watch THE FOLLOWING? Bacons serial killer hunting show... started pretty good, but damn that ending was weeeeeeeeeak. Like wednesday weak.

- Charles Boonsweet signing off folks.

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