Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Claws of ninja fighting Justice!



First I want to state I was not the biggest fan of the original Wolverine solo film. Hugh Jackman's charisma and awesomeness as Wolverine has never been in question, but it was just really a clusterF*** of a film. Bouncing between the comic trueness of the Origins series (six issue story of Wolverines long hidden past life, due to memories lost during his weapon X situation. Am I a comic nerd? No comment), and absolute disgusting hollywood invention - Deadpool. Is all I have to say on that.

However, this second film had a few things going for it;
1. The comic tale it is based on is by far one of the most well know, and revered of Wolverine's 60 + year run (in fact marvel anime put out a series a few years back based on it)
2. James Mangold was directing. The man has some serious skill.
3. Hugh Jackman acknowledged the crap nature of the first film explaining it was all so that they could get to this story.
4. Oh, and lastly, the feeling that this film would be tied into the X-men universe far better than the last (I mean what the F was Gambit doing in that film.... arg!)

And folks I am here to tell you this film, if you are a wolverine fan, this the one you have patiently been pacing around your comic den waiting for. First yes, there are changes to the original story... and No I did not feel they damaged the flow, or coolness to the film.

Oooooooo when I get loose. I'mma gonna cuuuuuut chooo! - Bub. 

First, Jean Grey is in the film. Yes! I know. Connection. Second, she is dead, and wolverine is feeling alllllllll messed up about it. What is that? Consistency? Connection to previous films... gosh. Who knew . Next up, the action is down, and dirty, and well, exactly what you want from wolvy. Lots of claw chaos, and hell... the mutton chops even takes on ninjas! Yup. A lot of em.

The direction is spot on. Never getting too close, letting you appreciate the rage. At the same time there are some very impressive, and classy shots mixed. I have to pause here and say something.... (deep breath)... this may be one of the best/classiest comic book films. It's well acting, brilliantly filmed, well written, in a way it is a perfectly affected tale of one man's quest for redemption. That man just happens to have claws that pop out his hands.


Sometimes i forget just how good an actor Hugh Jackman is. The guy loves what he does, and he loves this character. That comes across.

All in all I know a few of the fan boys out there will ragetype (yup I just TM'd that yo) over details. But people... can we expect more? I think not.

Also the scene after the first run of credits is just.... don't miss it! I am officially beyond stoked for the next entry in the X-men universe. Which may even be an X-force film. Cable and deadpool... on screen? Booya!

I enjoyed this a lot. For anyone bitching about the city and world destruction in Avengers, and Man of steel.... here you go. A slower paced, human take on a "superhero" so shut up! :)

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Comic movie scale 4 out of 5 stars

-Good to be back Booniacs.

I'm out.


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