Friday, August 30, 2013

Do you Kicketh the Ass?

KICK-ASS 2 (2013)

Let me start by saying I am a huge fan of the Comic. And as a rational, logical, human being I understood that they were not going to be able to follow the comic exactly. In the first film they managed to stay very close to the comic, however they did change a few points.

1- Big Daddy was revealed to be nothing more than a fraud in the comic. Not a disgraced cop, it turned out he had simply been a crazy comic collector that kid-napped his daughter and brainwashed her into being a crazy killer.
So ya, it made sense in a film version to keep him as a hero, and in some way excuse the insane
amounts of violence.
2 - Kick Ass does not get the girl of his dreams. Not even close.
Again in the film, it worked for him to get the chick. You wanted him too, he had put a lot of work in, he deserved a reward lol.

So, going into part 2, I knew they were going to change things. And I was okay with that, as long as the core of the story was there, and it was.

This time around Kick-Ass has been training with Hit-Girl behind the scenes, and joins a superhero team lead by Colonel Stars and Stripes (a nearly unrecognizable and brilliant Jim Carey). Meanwhile Hit Girl promises her new caretaker that she will stop fighting crime. Sadly, the day to day life of a grade niner is proving far more difficult to handle, and crime, well crime just got an upgrade in the form of the Mother Fucker. Red mist from the first film, going whole evil.

Craziest air guitar showdown ever (shout out AIRGUITAR nation)

There, now doesn't that sound like fun? And it is. I've read a lot of people slamming the sequel for its lack of heart and charm... what they don't seem to understand was that the charm of the first film was the rise of the uber nerd Dave Lizewski (Kick-Ass) into an inspiration and true hero. This time around the heart is carried by Hit girl. A girl that never got a childhood, and would rather kill 17 mobsters viciously then listen to a Justin Beiber CD. Then, again, I probably would too. Chloe Moretz is a very talented actress, and strangely as a younger star, has seemingly found her groove in aggressive adultish characters. She is not just going for fowl mouthed and blood stained here. There are some real moments here... one in particular where she asks Dave if he blames her. That was one of my fav scenes from the comic, preserved here... YAY!

Also, much like the first film, it paces along with a gorgeously R-rated level of entertainment. Never taking itself too seriously, until the third act. Like the first film, things get real, people die, and they have to settle the divide between dressing like a superhero, and what it means to be a superhero in a really real, and F'd up world.

Wait, you mean this isn't where the showdown happens? But I got all dressed up. 

I think there were a lot of people that were worried that the violence and chaos, with the new director, might be watered down... worry not dear blood lovers! This film is unashamed of its R rating, and honestly... watching a lawn mower get thrown into, and make meat out of the occupants of a vehicle... might even top the first.

There are some issues with consistency, like Dave/Kickass's woman from the first and how they handle/remove her. But luckily you really didn't care about her anyway, so all good (and to anyone that has read the comic, no she did not go out like that... ). I was also sad that the big villains/heroes showdown was not front in centre in the downtown area... I understand budget and all... but still, seeing the city erupt in destruction would have been swell... Also, after I finished the film. I thought. Where the hell did the dog go?

There are some genuine laughs in here, some awesome scenes of the red stuff, Hit Girl still rocks, KickAss is less of a pussy... and Jim Freaking Carey! I mean this should be cause for the masses to be gathered to chomp their popcorn in front of its B-movie glory. But well, these smaller Genre based films... just continue to prove the audience doesnt really show up... this film is on track to just break even. I am reminded of another great fun R rated genre film - Dredd and how quickly it left your local cinema. But then it made all kinds of $$ on Bluray/DVD?Digital, I have a feeling that is what will happen here...

EDITOR'S NOTE - These are films for the supposed nerds, and fanboys/girls out there... you know, all these kids with blogs, and twitter; crashing message boards with film hate, and opinion. Well, gosh, we all better start actually showing up to support this stuff, or it well stuff being made! Seriously peeps.

In theatre, or at home, this ones a blast folks. And to the comic purest... Really? I think they covered their bases... If you really needed to see A dog's Head on a human body... well... there may be something wrong with you...

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Comic movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars.

and yes. I'm sure you've all heard about Jim Carey deciding he no longer supported this film. Shame, cause he really is good here. Steals pretty much every scene.

Chuck B, saying I've been having way to much fun at the cinema lately :)



Dan O. said...

Nice review. As violent and as bloody as you can get, but still a bit of fun. Still, the tone is off somewhere and I don't know why they didn't decide to try and fix something with it.

Chuck Boonsweet said...

Ya. You know the film did seem a little off at times... getting into the teen drama with hit girl as much as they did was a little un needed. Having read all the comics... I think the issue was how dark the comics get, and how they went a little "Nicer" on some of the plot points... it messed up the vibe a little bit. Trying to make it more "PG-R" than straight blood and guts of the comics. Still... I can't get me enough spandex and dismemberment,