Monday, April 1, 2013

So sweet, my teenhood has cavities


Do you remember being a teenager?
The awkward unsure. The learning to find your voice in pop culture infused surroundings. Of course. That shizzie don't really leave you. Because, in the end, you just never forget your first. This film, to this former teen anyway, is probably one of the most accurate examples of a first love caught on film.

So, the plot, boy, Dave (Dylan O'brien of Teen Wolf fame) has crush on super hot (slightly whoreish) girl that he's been best buds with forever. This night however he plans to let her know - by way of rehearsed proclamation - and turn her to him. While practicing in an alley behind the party he meets a small, thoughtful, well-worded, different in an awesome way, girl - Aubrey (Britt Robertson). Then over the next few days they stumble towards maybe realizing that there is an unexpected, but worthy, something between them...

annnnd.... ya you've heard this story before. Because it's been done what, 182 times? But this is a romance movie. And their are only so many models you can draw from. Let's face it, we like it. Or people would stop shelling out ten plus bucks to see how two people are gunna rip your heart out during a Nic Sparks flick.

What makes this film work is too very specific, and awesome things.

#1. The two leads. Not only are they appropriately young (no 28 year olds playing teens here), but they are believable. Utterly and completely believable. Writer director Jon Kasdan obviously had a plan, and that was to direct by way of leaving his camera to do little more than capture moments. And those moments (No matter how good the soon to be mentioned #2 was) depended entirely on the actors. They sold some of the lines, especially during an all too real awkward physical moment, that I could feel all that teen discomfort coming back. Crawling up beneath this awesome type adult I have now become (applause), to remind me in the best, warm, way that ... I've been there.

#2. The writing. Yes. What would two awesome performances have been without the words. This script could have gone for the laughs, the gross out jokes, the A-typical teen romance kaka... But no. Jon Kasdan slides a few laughs in, but really you hardly notice them because from the first conversation you are invested in where Dave and Aubrey are going to end up. Everyone in this film speaks real. Yes occasionally they over speak, and sound slightly smarter than you might think they should... but dammit, everyone in this movie fits into a memory that audience has. They already feel familiar. Strange. And very cool. A teen movie that relies on truth and performance over in your face humour, and exchange students? Say Whaaaaaaaaaaa.

Boobs in 3D are awesome!

Over all this was a surprise. I didn't know anything about it going in. Just that Dylan O'brien is damn entertaining in Teen Wolf and that Britt Robertson is basically impossible to hate, due to bubbly cuteness, and sure pretty decent acting chops (seriously hate on the witch show all you want, she managed to pull off more than a few of those chessy lines! Mostly lol).

This is just a plain good film. But, go in expecting a drama, with a light hearted feel. If you go in expecting laughs, and high five your buddy moments... nope... not happening.

Last points.
Victoria Justice has a fantastic role as the object of affection for our hero.
And when the awards for Side-boob come out this year... I fully expect this film to clean up every major category... :)

movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars.
Teen Romance scale 4 out of 5 stars.

Ya. Its not the most original plot. But it is a very well scripted, and acted, piece of the teenage years... and one just about all us folks can relate to. If you um, have yet to be a teen... well... maybe give it a few years till you watch this, spoilers!

-Boonsweet is out to break some hearts, and drunk dial exes while laying on bathroom floors - Whoooooo teen years!

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