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EVIL DEAD (2013)

30 years ago a bunch of kids got together to make a horror film, because they felt that would be the easiest type of film to find a distributor for. It made it to theatre, Stephen King dropped a famous quote about it, and well... the rest is blood soaked cinema history. For those that perhaps aren't as familiar with the original EVIL DEAD series (trilogy) feel free to bask in Bucklesworth's own review of the film for our hundredth post -

But, here's the thing, this film has brought joy to so many people, I can say with faith, that all of you have heard of THE EVIL DEAD. And, 99.9% of the people that would invest there time in blogs, and filminess, have not only watched them, but hell, probably hold them in high regard - and the hero of all heroes - Bruce "Don't call me Ash" Campbell.

So dennnnnnnn...

Hollywood announces they are going to be making a remake. And the internet world is set a ablaze with hate, and Hollywood death threats. Next, they announce Diablo Cody (the chick that wrote Juno) is penning the script. The death hate continues. But... but then original Director Sam Raimi, and Star Bruce campbell came on board as producers.... and hmmmmm... people started to wonder.

Then the first trailer dropped, and damn if it didn't look like hard R awesomeness.

Well, hardened horror fan, mainstream doubting Chuck Boonsweet is here to tell you Booniacs and Deadites, this film Rawwwwwwked. And I am so happy it did.

First of all, and perhaps most importantly the plot. The friends gather at a familiar cottage (cabin in the woods) to help a friend give of the habit (hard drugs) once and for all. This is a brilliant plot device as it not only gives them a legitimate reason to be there, and stay there, but also to disbelieve the poor recovering Junkie, soon to be demon bait, Mia. In fact the beginning of the plot is full of nifty devices.

- The homages to the original are there, and establish that this film could easily take place in the same EVIL DEAD universe as the originals, it doesn't have to replace them. For instance, look for the car!
- When the book of the dead is read, and demons unleashed, it's not some idiot being a D-bag, but a smart guy investigating on his own something that has grabbed his curiosity
- And lastly and really really awesome, once the Fit hits the Shan, the blood - Alllllll practical
(applause) - never stops flowing.

Um, It's just... You got reeeeeeeeeal ugly.

Hmmm, electrice carver... and no turkey in sight... 

I won't go into the details of the demon stuff. People get possessed. People die. But damn, this movie is violent. I mean non stop, high five your buddy, violent. I loved every minute of it. Director Fede Alvarez, and Diablo Cody, understood what they needed, they understood their audience. Understand, this is not a jump scare, or tingly up your spine horror. This is just creepy, dark, shit. Watching the fully possessed Mia attack people, or spout creepy one liners from the basement is just F'd up.

If you are a fan of the original, or a fan of go for the throat horror - Original Texas Chainsaw, Exorcist, etc, this is for you! Probably the first real R rated horror film in years.

I will speak quickly on the scene after the credits! WTF! Seriously, at first I was hating, but now... havin a day to think it over... Screw it. Who I am to judge such a person lol... I am but a humble blog/rant/dude. As for the regular ending, dare I say, it did not suck. Could not believe it.... really. Was waiting for the let down, and it just stayed awesome.

Great acting, directing, writing, and wall to wall blood.

movie scale 3.5 of of 5 stars
Horror scale 4.5 out of five stars my highest horror rating in a lon-lon time.

And yes, yes, there is a chainsaw. All I'm saying

Oh and I just want to say to everyone that hated on Diablo Cody for writing this; TOLD YOU SO! First she is a talented writer, and second, if any of you had bothered to watch the criminally underrated - JENNIFERS BODY you would not have doubted her :)

Boonsweet will continue to bask in the glow of this film for at least the next week...
I'm out.

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