Monday, April 22, 2013

Put that B**** on Cruise!


So i read reviews. Like most bloggers I voyage out into the world of advance screenings, and early buzz (or non buzz). A big budget sic-fi flick fronted by Tommy Cruise and helmed by the guy behind the very pretty Tron: Legacy, well it had me pumped. But then all this negative kaka started rolling out, saying the film was basically ripped off from every other sic-fi flick, and nothing original, and so on...

Well people, everyone bashed Total Recall and it bombed. And every one bashed this flick, and well, bomb status remains to be seen. I'm sure Tom's overseas fan base will carry him through no matter what.... My point is, how many more of this flicks are we gunna get if people keep slamming and avoiding them? That is my Food for thought of the day.

Ok so plot. Aliens showed up destroyed our moon. Earth fell into chaos, then the aliens showed up. But we fought em off, we're just so darned resilient. Years later Tom Cruise's "Jack" and a sexy redhead "Victoria" maintain a watch on large machines that are harvesting energy (from whats left of the planets resources) to aid in the relocation of humanity. Humans are currently living on a giant space station on route to one of saturn's moons.

Well Jack just can't quite seem to get his curiosity under control, then, a spaceship falls from the sky, and Jack despite being ordered otherwise by command - investigates. He finds a woman he has been dreaming about every night in the wreckage... and things get crazy. Wait, you mean the company he works for might have some deep dark secret... and everything is not as it seems... and there's rebels led by a wise old black man?


So maybe they are right, it is ripped off from like every other sic-fi movie. I want you to take a moment and think about something... how many sic-fi plots are there really? Ya, there are a few indie crazies that sometimes leave an impression. But big time sic-fi, how many plots...

1. Human meets befriends aliens
2. Exploration, humans explore space, discover crazy universe threat
3. Post apocalyptic. Humans against Humans
4. Post apocalyptic. Humans vs Alien
5. Post Apocalyptic. Human vs Machine.

Editor's note: In any of 3 through 5 the hero may realize he is on the wrong side and join the "rebels" to defeat the evil lies of some corporation.

See what I mean? I really don't think originality should enter the picture. Or if it does it certainly shouldn't be the only determining factor. Yes every once in awhile something like "MOON" comes along and blows the genre up, but for the most part it's the delivery.

Alright. Fine. You win Morgan. I made Xenu up. 
This movie looks amazing. There is no denying the director's flare for the visual. Note the small rounded robot sentries that more than hold there own in any action scene. They look great. Menacing little bastards. The scenery, the giant machines, the sky home, it all looks great. Flawless. Tom Cruise does what he always does; brings intensity to every frame. Anyone who disses cruise acting certainly has to admit the man throws it all at the screen. Morgan. Well, he's morgan. I guess you need to get out and do something inbetween narrating nature shizzie. Jokes. Nothing but love MF, nothing but love.

Andrea Riseborough was a real surprise as Tom's partner and lover. 

There are a few very cool twists here and there, that, well you may have guessed. Hell, I figured out 92% of this film form the trailers. But I still enjoyed the journey. 

The ending was a little weak, and unneeded. I guess I would've been okay with the silly ending after the ending, if it didn't leave so many holes... Also speaking of holes, there was one that really, really bothered me. This chick that came down in the crash... so how long has she been in orbit? Really? Just floating around up there? 


Yes its by the numbers entertainment, but its well acted and shot. And the machines look Cooooooool, and dammit that matters.

Movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars
sci-fi scale 3.5 out of 5 stars.

- I really need to start preparing for the end of the world. Ah maybe I'll just buy some new socks...

Boony out!



Dan O. said...

Good review Boony. It would have been so much more exciting and entertaining, if I didn't feel like every single twist and turn they threw at us, was just for the sake of it. It didn't seem to have a reason nor did it really mesh well with the action and whatnot. Just disappointing.

Boonsweet & Bucklesworth said...

Ya I agree. But maybe we have just seen too many damned flicks :) ... saw it with my buddy and he does not really ever do Sci-fi and was blow away with the twists... lol... I tried not to hold it against him. I forced myself to accept I knew what was coming and appreciate the pretty. It was mostly enough... mostly...

Although I had a certain love for the red glowing triangle of doom... not sure why...