Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Seven rules for dating a Psychopath


Do you enjoy yourself some smooth, cool, alternative, film experiences? Things on the tip of a Tarantino-speak adventure... Then this is for you. A strange little mind frak of a movie. Colin Farrel plays Marty, a script writer working on a new script - Seven psychopaths. His best friend, Billy (the always awesome Sam Rockwell), is in his own way trying to help him, by relaying various tales of psychopaths he hears around. Billy in his spare time runs a business with Hans (the man, the myth, the legend - Christopher Walken). They steal dogs and then return them and claim the reward money. Problems arise when a canine they dognapped happens to belong to super evil killer guy - Charlie, played by... yes, ok, you get it, this film is packed... PACKED! with stars... oh and the bad guy killer dude, Woody Harrelson. I um, don't think I really need to anymore time speaking to the caliber of the in film acting... so we can move on...

The whole film plays out in surreal layers that blend the stories of the psychopaths being worked into Marty's script, with the world Marty lives in. Slowly, and strangely, the two worlds begin to overlap.
This truly is a film you could make the argument to watch simply for the acting talent involved. But, unlike many of the ensemble offerings lately that failed to measure up to the names on the poster... this does. In every way.

I write, I blog, I novel, and when it comes to truly great screen writing... I smile ear to ear. I had that feeling through the entire last half of this film. I understood what was coming, and I understood it was still going to amaze, and wow... when I got there. Okay, I apologize for this... I am going to take a few lines here to rant on the art of writing. The genius to this screen play is the entire time it is a real life story that is aware it's a movie. Yup. Wrap your head around that. This is accomplished with the "film within the film". They tell you what is coming, and yet, by giving you that knowledge, by giving you just enough to be sure you're smart and have it all figured... they perfectly prepare you to be blown away. You see they don't lie. When the film says it wants to be a thoughtful, life reaffirming film... you sigh, you assume some cheesy moment is coming...

Editor note: This is in no way, shape, or form, the moment. 

But when that moment does come. It blindsides you. I was in awe on that moment. It truly moved me, and shocked me. To weave a thread through the film and bring it to its climax with out me so much as guessing at it... Im - freaking - pressive. This is a writer/director that has a true confidence in his abilities... this being the second film of his I have seen in which he wore both the writer and director hats, I would liken it to a Tarentino experience (complete with insane over the top violence). There is a flow to the film, a language that is at once his, and yet, feels nothing like his previous works.

Christopher Walken stands out in this film, and that was a nice surprise. There are so many acting legends that are just fading into the sunset (except for Morgan Freaking Freeman, that guy is a machine!); Al Pacino, Robert Deniro, so many talents just not getting the offers they used to. Or, perhaps simply not caring enough to be more selective. It was good to know Walken still has it in him, and I hopes this means we'll see more awesome from him soon.

See this movie. One of my favourite films of the last year, hands down. Its fun, and fresh, and wonderfully messed up. I can't even be all funny and shizzie, too dang impressed. Jaw on floor people. I really hope you invest some time in this one.

How this film did not get at least a nomination for best original screenplay... well if I didn't have doubts before as to their methods I certainly do now.

A definite must own for ol' Boony.

One of my fav films of the past year, hands down. Did I already say that? Who da F cares! I have that warm belly full from film feel, and I like it...

Movie Scale 4.5 out 5 stars
Crime/comedy 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Sure not everyone will be with me, tis the nature of film lol, but those that are, you are going to call your friends when you are done watching it and try to coerce them into watching it immediately :)

One happy reviewer,
Chuck Boonsweet

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Anonymous said...

Guess I'm gonna have to see this one! LOL. I don't think I've ever read such a lovefest from you, Boony

Boonsweet & Bucklesworth said...

I know. I know. What can I say its the movie blogging equivalent of putting bubblegum in the hair of the girl I was crushing on in grade 3... lol... I just love me some fine writing. Add some Sam Rockwell, and C-walken cool. I was powerless to resist.

-Chuck B