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In space no one will... keep their clothes on!


There have been film creators over the years to earn critical acclaim, a lasting love from the film going public... but few have had the effect of Roger "I will make it for cheaper" Corman. The man is a legend. 401 films, as in that is the answer, to the question - How many films has Roger C produced?  Take a moment, sit down, and let that sink in. To put that in a proper perspective if your jaw has still not at least tilted to the left in respectful awe-ness; one of the biggest producers of all time - Ron Howard (I really should not need to mention what some of his hundreds of millions of $$ films are) - has had his name on 65. Granted, Roger has a few years on him sure, but I mean 401.

In case you don't know Corman made cheap B - films, and he knew what he was making (and still is). The drive in classic. The late night popcorn flick. Even today, sex, violence, action, he knows what sells. Or, more accurately, what will sell enough to cover his production costs and leave a little profit. And, I think, time has really shown the man to have an eye for detail. Meaning he knew who to put behind the camera, he knew acting talents should be forsaken in his land of small budget production in favor of cool, and machismo, and pretty ladies...

Many... Pretty... ladies...

Forbidden World opens with a storm trooper flying a spaceship. Yes, that is what it is, Lucas must've decided it was cute and let it slide. Because when a man like Roger Corman bank rolls a space adventure, maybe, just maybe, Lucas was stoked... Anyway the captain Mike Colby, wakes up, and he and his storm trooper companion discover they have a new mission: To land on a nearby planet and investigate a security issue. Upon landing they discover two things; hot science chicks, and that a deadly new form of "Proto-B" bacteria has created a vicious monster. Then um, the monster gets loose... and stuff.

A quick note, brought up during the viewing, and I feel a worthy point (shout out to @KenBucklesworth) - this film came out just a little before "The Thing", by a few months actually, and it is about a shape shifting "alien" creature, that stalks a crew within an isolated structure. Hmmm, me thinks there b a connection or two in dere...

Moving on.

Mike Colby is the "Bruce Campbell" of space.
That's it I won't get into too many of the details, but that certain loveable charm - a slight dash of over the top acting - and a way with the ladies.... all of the ladies... who are hot... on say an isolated science facility.

No your the one who should talk to it, you're perkier. 

Just the vibe is right.
Say you're the Han Solo rip off hero and you roll into a space lab and are introduced to a genetic freak that has apparently just slaughtered a strangely large amount of bunnies... why are there bunnies on this space base? Why are there so many? Was there a bunny orgy? Why did Proto-B decide to slaughter them and then get back in its cage? Was it in need of lucky feet? Does Proto-B hate bunny orgies?

Editor's Note : digression kills. Seriously, it was on a billboard or some shizzie.

So you see this evil looking creature, what do you think the appropriate response should b?
A) Aw, who's a cute little alien mucky muck.
B) Well, mine's bigger.
C) If it doesn't have female sex organs, I'm leaving.
D) Yup. Ok. So, we kill it.

If you were enjoying A) through C) but decided on D) you dear Booniac, are correct. This is a man's man folks. He's here to kick ass and chew bubblegum... and they ain't got bubble gum on this space rock...
To recap:
Proto-B creature.
No bubble gum.
Once the creature gets out, and the clothes drop, things really pick up. This is B-movie gold. First, the creature looks cool - Think the Xenomorph from Alien crossed with the plant from Little shop of horrors - yup all teeth. There are a multitude of great lines. Even Proto B gets in on it with my fav part of the flick... next to cheesy pick up lines... talking through a computer to one of the female scientists who decides it would be a great idea to just talk to the Creature. Great idea Dr. Spacenips, not every alien is a dolphin that needs saving...

Man. I am on a roll. Ok.

I have a confession to make. I have watched many Roger C flicks... but I never really realized it (The slumber Party Massacre, Deathstalker, Barbarian Queen, House, Watchers, and the list goes on). I feel ashamed. I cannot wait to get into more cheesy Corman Crap. CCC baby, and I mean that with love. If you like your movies fast, fun, violent, naked, cheap, and cheesy, Corman is worth checking out. And if you like all those things, and Corman, and space... this is one you should defs check out.

Boony is going old school folks... as I sometimes do. Just been on an 80s kick lately... you have been warned!

Movie scale 2.5 out of 5 stars
B-Movie scale 4 out of 5 stars.

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