Monday, February 4, 2013

ABC ... its easy as 1-2-3


No genre loves them the anthology like the horror community. Over the decades the horror trilogy, and anthologies, have grown to be almost as much a part of the genre as the "Slasher". Often, they highlight, or bring to light, some unknown director into underground notoriety. There have been some great ones over the last few here's. One of my favourites - Trick 'R' Treat. And Ken Bucklesworth himself just reviewed another - Scary or Die. So, hey I say why not let someone come along and try to top any anthology ever...

How you ask...

By taking the 26 letters of the alphabet and giving each to a different director. No censorship. No language barriers. Just here's your letter, make us a five minute or under film. And in case you wondering, yes, this film does clock in at over two hours.

Now I could break down each director. There are a few well known names in here, but really that is just a waste. The really story here in simple - variety. I have never sat down to watch a film and had it fly by as fast as this film does. There is but a brief ending screen with the "Word" and then on to the next. I expected this collection to be absolutely nuts. I, um, underestimated it. Let me break down some of the weirdest moments.

1. Asian schoolgirls addicted to and eventually finding a spiritual connection through farting.
2. A killer toilet.
3. Killer poop.
4. A stripping cat (if you, or your friends actively partake in Furry conventions, this is the one for you :)
5. A, um, "self pleasure" showdown.
6. I can't even begin to cover all the things in the "Z" film. Just trust me, it outdoes 1 through 5 lol, no joke.

Yes. This is one of the most messed up films I have ever scene, but I need to say - I loved this film. The variety, the utter insanity, the genius of a few of the segments...

Um, so which page was this on in the Potty manual?

Before I get into a few of my favorite parts, as a fan of horror, or heck, just film, you should probably watch this. You may be grossed out, you may look away, but at the end of the day... a few of these ideas, and the execution is brilliant. Seriously, much like critics everywhere were jumping on CLOUD ATLAS as something you had to see whether you got it, or didn't, it was about the experience. Well, this is same thing for me.

"XXL" about the extremes someone will go to to meet society standards of beauty. "Dogfight" is probably my favorite of the collection, I am not entirely sure how they pulled off some of the man vs animal violence, but it was intense. The opening "A" film is a punch in the face, and if you aren't dialed in after that, well the next 25 letters may not be for you. Now, I can't give away the next few titles, just because sometimes that is the reveal for the mini-movie itself, but I will say the Ti west directed one, the shortest in the whole series, is probably the most jarring... at least for me. But that's the beauty of this collection... there truly is something for everyone, and then some. I laughed, I was appalled, I was confused as $#@%, I clapped.

I really dug just about every minute of it, even when it was bat shit crazy. And, boy howdy does it get crazy. The claymation sequence is just fantastic... and the futuristic one is actually very impressive given the time, and budgetary restraints. It really shows what creativity can accomplish.

You need to understand...
Lines of just about anything decent are crossed. If you offend easily, or on behave of others easily, then just don't do it to yourself. But hey, you are interested in the art of film, and the dissection of awesomeness and such, because you obviously search the web for blogs just like this... Heck, I say go for it.

Movie scale 3.5 of 5 stars
Horror/WTF movie scale 4 out of 5 stars.

A FPV (first person Vampire) scene... come on that is gold people. GOLD.

Charles B. Boonsweet signing off.

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