Monday, December 17, 2012

You're so Loop-pid

LOOPER (2012)

I featured this in a trailer trash segment. So not only was I pumped for this movie. I was pumped enough to give it one of only two slots in the segment. Seriously, we do like one each a month... so ya... I was all kindz of firm nipple excited.

Here's a few reasons why. Bruce Willis, in an R-rated film, with a gun (excitement points = 7). JGL, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, hot off his awesome turn in Dark Knight Rises (and well that bike delivery one), that's worth at least... 3 excitement points. It is by the director of one of my all time favourite films Brick.
1,417,689 excited points. Dang, that's like 1,417,699 points...

I lied there is no excitement scale... but if there was... oh if there was...

So time travel was invented many moons from now, but it's super illegal. There's this problem though, in the future it's really hard to get rid of people. The Mob decided to keep a time machine, or two. Then they send a guy back to set up this whole system where people in a less future-future can be chosen to kill people that they send back. They call these people Loopers. So they have a spot. They get a time, show up, guy appears at a specific time from future with a hood on, they shoot him, money is strapped to the body.
So, job's a job and it pays well. All is going well for our fav looper JGL, until his next victim appears without a hood and it turns out to be him from the future (Bruuuuuuuuce Willis) and then Brucey knocks him out, and well... rules are; you always kill the guy that appears or you dead.

This is not the movie I was expecting. Though I suppose I should have expected more think than trigger pulling with Rian Johnson at the helm. I say to you, if you caught the trailer to this film, expect to be surprised. There is all kinds of R-rated nasty in this film. Including one of the most subtly disturbing scenes of the downside to time travel... serious... just plain gross lol. There is also an entirely different movie hidden underneath the promise of a Bruce vs. JGL vs. The future. This is not a movie of heroes. In fact both JGL and Bruce are kind of well... dicks. Selfish in their own way. So sure of the path they are on. This is a film about the power of choice. How far and deep those consequences can extend... and evermore through the currents of time...

Was that deep enough and all major film critic like?

Listen, for the last time, stop thinking and eat ya dam eggs!

Good. Cause I'm done... this film was sweet. Subtly camera awesomeness (the fall scene, and the transition for example). The leads are great. Jeff Daniels as the main bad guy just chews up scenery. His interrogation of JGL reminded me of the intensity of the opening scene in Inglorious Bastards. I was dialled in for every moment of this movie. Even as I was putting the twists together they are presented in such a fantastically cool way that my jaw was still succumbing to gravity...

The ending is a little predictable presuming you have seen a few of this type of film. Also, the whole time travel thing, and the usual questions are kind of awkwardly handled. For instance... if you travel back and then change things, how could you have come back, if that time line no longer exists... blah blah... ya exactly you are better off just accepting time travel and not thinking about it. As, funny enough, Bruce does suggest at one point to JGL, It will hurt your head.

Overall, this is one of the most originally handled creations in the genre in years... a trailer trash success story... which I believe gives as a winning percentage so far.

movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
sci-fi scale 4 out of 5 stars

Could've used a little more action... just a little. All I'm saying. Everything about this film is all star. May all you Booniacs enjoy...

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