Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Force Awakens (2015)


So here it is. It has arrived and myself was lucky enough to see it in a tiny town... hours before the rest of the world... HA! Boonsweet in your face! Jokes. I heart you all. So I do not do spoilers... (well unless a flick lands in my CRAP! segment) in this case however it is even more important. Not because the film is full of insane twists and turns... but because there are few films on earth these days that have the power to move an entire planet of people. STAR WARS has that power... and I feel, for all my jedi loving ways... THE FORCE AWAKENS delivers.

So the story well, without getting too much into it... A new evil has arisen "The new Order"... there's a new darkside... and man we need to find us some jedi! Enter A spunky, and space sexy 'Rey' played by the soon to universal nerd lusted - Daisy Ridley - and her co star, a storm trooper with a soul Finn. Together with the old gang they are gunna try to rescue the universe from going dark... again....

I didn't do it... I didn't do it... 


So there are going to be a lot of people that love this movie and why not? It is every inch the grandeur of the original trilogy (aka 4,5,6... aka when they said it was FORCE!). Theres a cute funny droid... theres a mask wearing bad guy doing his best darth vader.... There's Han Solo, and Leia, and a certain tall furry creature. There's the bad guys with laser blasters, and good guys with laser blasters... and Light Sabers, and exploding things... and more exploding things... and well... its all here folks. Everything you have been waiting for in a new Star Wars.

Basically disney and J.J. Abrams sat down and said lets give the people what they want.

But therein lies the problem. When you give people what they want they inevitably want more. It has to be said. This film is basically the first trilogy rolled into one, or at least a good chunk of it. Same plot points, same twists, merrily similar moments, homages, they do nothing but try to be a new version of everything you love. I myself did not have a problem with it, because THAT IS WHAT I WANTED. Grand space spectacle of the highest order. And nothing, from the sounds, to the overly heroic plot, can ever be done like they do it with STAR WARS.


Then I was like screw it, and went chrome bro. 
There will be haters. Yes. Those star wars tattoo'd (i know what George Lucas wanted more than he did) are gunna rise up... the same people that said But its not enough like the original trilogy, its not what we love - so we hate it when the last trilogy came around... are gunna be the same people spearheading the It's too much like the originals, all you did was copy what we loved - so we hate it this time around. I warn you - do not choose the darkside!

This film is entertainment for days! Let free the bruised star wars love of your childhood years! It well be well held and loved... and cared for here... amongst the theatre as THE FORCE AWAKENS.

Ok. I'm stoked. Is it the greatest star wars? No. Of course no. Plus, lets remember the first star wars film is no ones fav... and the second - first - newest - whatever - trilogy, phantom menace was again no ones fav, so this does what firsts in the series have before it. Introduces - hero - bad guy - coolness, and sets up a new journey ahead...

and now with all this homage out of the way... MAN i am pumped to see where this goes... sure if you are clever enough you can already see some familiar threads weaving themselves together... but perhaps... that is all to set us up. Just saying in the next few months all the debating set to explode between the Jedis in all of us... enjoy it! its been way to long. Star Wars is back! But trust me... don't get too smart thinking you know all thats up... there are some twists to come folks...

And this new expanded universe... such be very cool.

Movie scale 4 out of 5 stars
Action/SciFi scale 4 out of 5 stars

One line review: The FORCE is back! 

Chuck B. Boonsweet... is it wrong I want to buy a light saber now... Damn you disney!!


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