Monday, December 7, 2015

1001 Undead nights

People. Boonsweet writes!!

So you may have noticed... and I mean of course you noticed what with your wicked addiction to all my movie loving thoughts... I haven't exactly been cranking out the reviews lately - my sincere apologies... but there have been reasons. Some without merit to be mentioned here... haha... some you must know. I wrote a book! Actually my second. But this is a work straight from my film and horror loving heart to you guys... My Bioniacs!!! My alter ego... my real ego... my ego... whatever... some part of me wrote this. 13 short stories of terror, humour, love, and bloody terror... tried to capture the fun of the horror anthology most of us have enjoyed on television and on film... in a book. Yes. My brain is ambitious.

Moral of the story (this article I am pretty sure my book is moral-less haha) .... preview and decide to purchase HERE ... or at your local amazon internet locale... show it to friends... laugh, cry, and forgive my independent author mistakes hahaha... hopefully there's enough blood, and sexy, and giggles, to excuse them. This is an independent horror book... I hopes the fans that seek out independent horror films... will bring some of the same excitement, and hunger for all things horror and B movie fun!!

And be sure to hit me up with all the good, or bad, you wish to pass my way people. Let my world domination begin!!!!!

Also. More reviews now.


Till next Bioniacs! Thanks for all the support over the years. I also love seeing the views from all over the world, places I never been, and never thought my film rants would reach....

Chuck Boonsweet... aka J.D. Richard is out!!

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