Monday, December 7, 2015

Spectre (2015)


So I have seen every bond movie. I love most of them all be it for different reasons. And before you are like Oh this Boonsweet, he's one of those guys that can have his faith in bond shaken but never stirred... I say hold up! I admit when they are weak... totally fine with me. However I stand behind the statement that within each decade, any bad Bond movie is still better than 90% of the action offerings of the time.

Before I go further... because I could rant... and all you Bioniacs know I can rant...

Your Plot.

Turns out there has been someone behind the scenes who through all 3 of Daniel Craigs bond films has tried to destroy the world and Bond. Now in the fourth film Bond will come face to face with the man behind the curtain, and another piece of his past (clearly an attempt to cash in on Skyfall's brilliant premise). Oh and their will be hot chicks. And explosions.

So is this film as good as Skyfall ? No. That seems to be the new gold standard all bond films are to be held against (though for my money From Russia with Love is still the gold standard). That said this is a very fun and well put together bond film... for nearly two hours... and then things fall apart.

The action scenes in this film are exactly - EXACTLY!! - what makes a bond movie special. No other film could get the funding to produce such insane action set pieces. The opening scene is gold... but for my moment the second major action set piece is worth the price of admission. I mean... a car chase through the winter mountains... only its a plane car chase... yes!

I don't always skii... but when I do... I bring my gun. 

The other reason, why for my two cents... this film was actually superior to Skyfall for the well over the first half was the touches with past bonds. Sure there are call outs to casino royal and Skyfall but really, the respect for the classics of the past... really make this film feel like a love letter to the fans of over 4 decades of bond. The train fight for example... is amazing! and every inch the loving tribute to the insanely violent end fight of From russia with Love - seriously, triangle choke holds and UFC moves in a 1964 film? So good. Annnnnnnnnnd having the henchman not speak... nice touch.

The woman in this film - debate her appropriate hotness all you want fan boys - is not only hot, but for once, seems able to hold her own. You could argue Michelle Yeoh held her own in Tomorrow never dies but really, was she bond level hot? Maybe. Mostly she just kicked good ass. Lea Seydoux is smart, sexy, and fun. I approved.

So, your saying the queen is the most powerful... Mind = blown. 
In fact everything up until the villain/bond torture scene is gold. If they had adjusted the story to wrap up there... This might have been the Bond film... the problem is that for unknown reasons they decide to have a second showdown/reveal with the main villain... that becomes a wait - what did he just say? wait... why is he still talking about killing bond and not killing bond... wait... how did he set this elaborate reveal up for James Bond... if you know... he sent all those minions to kill him?

hahaha honestly the last 25 minutes of this film is embarrassing. Straight up, embarrassing. If you were the 8 screen writer they called in and that was your idea... Shame on you!

It drags out what had been an amazingly fun experience into this slow crawl of a finale... I mean the gun toss? Sweet hell... almost the worst moment of the Bond film... and really maybe it is... the question is it worse than the If all that was left of you was your pinky you'd still be more man than I've ever know line from Casino Royale. I don't know... it may be a tie.

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Action scale 4 out of 5 stars

One line review: two hours of awesome, 17 minutes of suck. 

This film does not deserve the hate it has been getting. Its what The raid 2 experienced, and what I'm sure the next John Wick will... oh its just not as good as the last one. So what?! Did stop me from enjoying the star wars sequel/prequels ... they were still fun reasonably awesome. They won't all be 5/5 stars people!!!!

Boonsweet is out yo!

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