Friday, February 21, 2014

And when the time is right... I'll give her the Hammer.


So. I just wanna say that poster is some classic movie poster posing gold... that is all, I'll continue...

Marvel pulled it off. They had a magical god hero that swings a hammer and commands thunder and they managed to find the right actor (Chris Hemsworth), and brought him to the screen not only successfully, but very.

Still, Thor was not without his issues. While he was a blast in the AVENGERS, his own debut vehicle was rather slow at points, and other than a few hand to hand tumbles and the last ten minutes, rather devoid of excitement. But here we are, sequel time, and time for Marvel's Wave 2 to really show just how good these guys are at building their characters, and universe... Dammit DC get it together!

The story this time around... Evil elves fought Thor's people long ago. In fact they almost destroyed the universe with a super evil artifact... Buuuut were defeated. Go figure (You as a side note it must be rather frustrating attempting to conquer the known universe... I mean the disappointment). Fast forward to modern day. Thor is attempting to right the real, his evil Brother Loki is mopping in Asgard prison, while on earth Thor's love Jane Foster mangoes to find a tear in fabric of the universe that leads her to be possessed by the ancient evil those elves wanted... and you know... of course have just returned to find... RUH-ROH. So Thor well have to battles elves, save the universe, and try to explain why he didn't return Jane's texts... or something like that.

There really is only one tool for the job. The job being- kicking ass! 

So. Yes the plot is silly. But folks, we are talking a comic book movie about mythical creatures. Including a hero that lives in a magic land and has a hammer he throws. I mean a stone hammer... If you are shaking your head asking things like - Come on, what are the odds Jane falls through the one crack in the fabric of the universe that leads to the all evil thingy... well, if you are asking that, you probably a) Have never read a comic (how does lois always find herself in so much trouble?) b) You should just slap yourself, hard and c) Go watch a step up sequel.


I mean we are not in the land of sense here. You just have to roll with it, and if you do, and you just happen to love you some Marvel big screen hero action... well folks, this is one fun ride.

So. You like the Slayer album bro?

First no more hour long intro the characters like the first one, this film has one thing on it's mind - ACTION! And that is Allllll right with me. Explosion. Hammer smashing. A lil romance. A lil comedy and BAM! Good times.

Some of the action scenes are just a blast to behold (even the surprisingly Sci-fi looking ship battles in Thor-land).

All you fans of the evil brother (aka AVENGERS villain - Loki) well you will be getting your fix here. And I enjoyed his transition (at least for a bit) into a man with a united agenda with Thor's own. To see their brotherly hate, and yet, respect, is always an entertaining balance. If say so, and I do, one of, if not the primary relationship of the story. Sorry Natalie Portman but your cute plucky Jane Foster suffers Stars Wars like issues. Mainly, everything else is more interesting than the romance.

Alan Taylor steps up from his mostly TV filled resume to really show that he can handle a big budget picture. In fact the fun he is having really comes across in the camera work and battle scenes. Looking forward to seeing what project this guy tackles next ... word has it the new TERMINATOR flick... booya!

Overall this is a great time, and I would say I enjoyed it as much at least... as Iron Man 3. Gunna be interesting to see how Captain America 2 compares in a few months...

Movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Superhero scale 3.5 out 5 stars

Thor is definitely one of the most entertaining characters of the Marvel movie universe. I wonder who will take out the leader role now that RDJ's Iron man is on the way out... Hmmmmm

- Chuck Boonsweet.

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