Friday, January 18, 2013

That's what buying used gets ya - demons.


This movie got hate. Oh yes it got hate. To the point that I almost didn't bother motivating myself to check it out. But, here at the ol' Boony ranch (editor's note: the existence of a boony ranch can note be confirmed) I believe that any film that sparks my initial interest, warrants me checking it out. Of course there was the added bonus that the "Raimi's" were producing it as well.

The more I started really looking at the reviews, the more I saw a pattern... the same crap every time.

-Jeez, another possessed kid movie
-a by the numbers event that offers nothing new to the genre.
-Nothing to see here, an over saturated genre gets another entry.

Well folks, it really comes down to who you trust. Who you believe in. Who you bake small delicious cookies for... ok that last one doesn't happen nearly enough. Ever actually. I deserve cookies! Point being, I enjoyed this movie a lot.

Plot goes a lil something like this... Family is going through a rough time. A divorce, and Dad has just moved into a new home where his daughters visit. Wife and him can't go two minutes without arguing, older daughter is in "F it all" mode, younger daughter still loves Daddy (ok I know, not sounding so original so far, stay with me). They then stop at a yard sale, and the daughter decided to purchase a strange box (that we know is evil due to a very creepy opening scene). She then becomes obsessed with box and strange and evil things start happening around her. Will Father realize in time, will his Wife stop her bitching for 5 minutes and help, will Mom's new boyfriend survive the film without grave injury...

Ok. I know, I know. But here is where this movie stands out and on it's own.
1. Perhaps one of the creepiest and most messed up openings to a possession flick.
2. The acting is phenomenal. Jeffery Dean Morgan - Loser, watchmen, that guy from greys anatomy (ok I had a girl once that was obsessed. Give a little to get a little ok). Kyra Sedgwick. A very surprising Matisyahu as the religious assistance.
3. The directing is stellar.
4. The writing, though maybe not original subject matter, sells the material so well that I got caught up.
5. The effects (some $70 million I hear) are light years beyond most genre offerings.

So to recap, very cool opening. Good writing. A cast that is bang on. Great directing. Some VERY creepy moments ("What did you do with my box Daddy?")... what is not to like here? Yes there have been tons of entries lately, but that is not reason enough to bury a film. I mean how many craptacular indie slasher do I watch in a year? Well, I don't know either, but more than my fingers and toes, and I will still continue to seek them out because I love the genre, and every once and a while... gold. This folks is one of the most effective little horror flicks I've seen in a bit. Of course, and perhaps unfairly, all films of the genre get held against the exorcist... and well it would be blasphemy to say it was on par, I will say it was the closest I have seen... in a very, very long time. The Hebrew angle especially was very refreshing and added a certain element to the flick. And as far as rappers go actor... Matisyahu was pretty dang cool.

Did I mention the ending didn't suck?

movie scale 3.5 out of 5 stars
Horror/possession scale 3.5 out of 5 stars

I hope this film gets some love. I have a feeling over the next few years we'll see it gain some fans.

Boony saying I will put money on this film being way better than anything Ive seen advertised so far this year... The last exorcism 2... I mean isn't that an oxymoron? Or something close to lol.

P.S. - the whole scene with the exit sign above the girl's head was awesome.

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