Monday, November 19, 2012

Who needs mars!


So a long, long, time ago, in a galaxy of early 90s science fiction, Paul (showgirls was a hit) Verhoeven made a quaint little picture that had Arnold (the man who would be governor) as the lead, and a ton of awesome makeup and practical effects as the co-star. It was awesome. And has quite the following to this day.
So den...
In the year 2012 it is decided there shall be a remake. And the hate started. So i read a bit here, and I read a bit there. And really folks, really... was the original that great? I mean it's an awesome flick but people were acting like it was a science fiction opus. I mean. It's a movie about Arnold Schwarzenegger traveling to mars to turn on a machine. Cool yes. Untouchable science fiction treasure, no.
Just saying.
More I read about the remake seemed pretty interesting and with turns from Colin Farrell in In Burges, Fright Night, and heck now, even London Boulevard, I was willing to give it a chance. Then I heard Kate Beckinsdale, and Jessica Biel were tagging along... and Bryan (Walter White himself) Cranston as the villain... I mean. That is a lineup folks. The director behind Underworld, and Live free or Die hard behind the camera... Come on. It had to be at least decent right?
Story goes...
Man Douglas Quaid lives in a futuristic world that only has two liveable pieces of land left. They happen to be on opposite sides of the planet. The colony: the hard working class types, and the UFB (united federation of Britain) where all the rich people live. There is a little more to it, but that the jest. Oh, and the accepted method of travel between them is a giant tube that travels to and around the core of the planet. Plausible, not sure. Cool idea, yup. He decides the same old routine isn't doing it for him (though I feel being married to Kate Beckinsdale would at least count for a few smiles) so he heads to "Recall" where you pay to have memories implanted in your brain. Whatever you want. He decided on secret agent. All is well, then machine goes haywire because he really was a secret agent (unknown to him do to memory brain scrambling) security shows up, people die... and on the run he goes. Along the way he will discover the truth behind bad guy plans, and perhaps help save what is left of humanity.

Yup. Ok. More or less a standard sci-fi hero arc, with a memory/self lost twist.

But here is where the whole "this movie is mostest worth viewing" comes in. The action. Now there is a lot about this movie that is above par. The acting is pretty good. The direction is pretty good. There is a woman with an extra breast. All good things. However, what really brought this film into my must own in high def glory, the action scenes. They are just fantastic. Whether it is a 5 minute plus full mano a womano with Katy B, a crazy air highway chase, or people getting fist smashed into mouths while just trying to ride the dang elevator, the action in this film is phenomenal.

Is that enough?

I think so. Did I mention this film is beautiful? The budget they threw at this thing, no idea how much, but every cent got used. Endless cities, that admittedly borrow much from the lands of Blade Runner. I remember when this film first came out my fellow, Bucklesworth, turning to me and saying you know, I heard it doesn't even involve mars. You know what, I was worried, but now having watched it, i think it stands up as it's own film. Yes there are a few nods to the original. Overall though... you can not watch this film as a remake. Unlike many a remake, it managed to entertain me as it's own creation, not simply because of a built in love of the original

(impending Evil Dead remake, may you bring similar feelings... I beg of you).

I will say the ending slowed down a little bit, but I was okay with that. Needed to catch my breath (of the film watch variety, not my actual lungs... they are fine)

Oh one more thing...
The chick fight in this movie... rocks!

Movie scale 3 out of 5 stars
Sci-fi scale 4 out of 5 stars

This is one action packed sic-fi romp. Big TV+ systemUP = awesomeness.
Give it a chance folks.

To all the people that shot this film down as not living up to the original... I say this. Do they ever? I mean even once? Sometimes maybe a good movie is just a good movie, it doesn't always have to live up to a title.

-Boonsweet saying, who needs mars? :P

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